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Beachcomber Drain & Fill Tote | Hot Tub Cleaning Kit


Designed to rejuvenate hot tubs of all makes & models!

The All In One Hot Tub Chemical Cleaning Kit exclusively from Beachcomber. Specifically designed to clean and restore all hot tub make and models!

The Hot Tub Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • 1 bottle of Cover Care (500ml) - Cover Conditioner
  • 1 bottle of Filter Soak (500ml) - Filter Cleaner
  • 1 bottle of Tub Clean (500ml) - Acrylic Surface Cleaner
  • 1 bottle of Pipe Cleanse (500ml) - Pipe Cleaner
  • 1 Fresh Fill - Pre Filter
  • 1 bottle of Eliminate (500ml) - Stain & Corrosion Inhibitor
  • 1 pack of 50 Test Strips - Water Balance Testing Strips
  • 1 pack of 5 Filter Savers
  • 1 Hot Tub Chamois towel
  • 1 Judy Essence Fragrance sample

This Hot Tub Cleaning Kit includes 9 Beachcomber Hot Tub care and maintenance products to drain, fill and maintain your hot tub and spa:

  • Tub Clean - EcoLogo® certified, fast acting, non-abrasive biodegradable hot tub surface cleaner. Works to remove grease build up and scum lines on the surface of hot tubs and other sensitive auto and home applications.
  • Cover Care - a EcoLogo® certified, concentrated, UV protectant and liquid revitalizer that works to protect all hot tub covers, including home vinyl products such as patio furniture.
  • Filter Soak - EcoLogo® certified, eco-friendly, fast-acting, one-shot alkaline detergent cleaner. Works to improve the performance of your microfilter and remove organic contaminants. Works best when combined with Beachcomber hot tub Cleaning Canister
  • Pipe Cleanse - an excellent pipe cleaner with a special formula to loosen and displace biofilm deposits suck in the internal water lines. Use just before draining, and follow the instructions on the bottle.
  • Fresh Fill - a pre-filter compatible for all hot tub models. Using proprietary filtration media and food grade activated carbon it worked to remove volatile organic compounds, remove the presence of metals and suspended solids before they reach your hot tub.
  • Eliminate - a hot tub liquid concentrate specifically formulated to prevent corrosion on hot tub equipment, fixtures and surfaces.
  • Filter Savers - traps leaves and debris in a fine nylon material, effectively minimizing the maintenance and expands the lifespan of your microfilter
  • 6 Way Water Test Trips - water balance testing strips give results in just 15 seconds. Know if your hot tub water is safe, comfortable and ready to use by testing for 6 levels all at once! Test for Total Bromine, Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Free Chlorine, and pH levels
  • Hot Tub Chamois - safest and fastest way to dry your hot tub -streak free. This non-abrasive, super absorbent, ultra soft cleaning tool will have your hot tub sparkling like it is brand new.

It is best to replace your hot tub water before you enter the busy season. This will prevent you from needing to drain and fill your hot tub when you actually want to use it. Regular draining and filling should be done to allow you to inspect your hot tub for and signs of wear or damage. Preventative maintenance now can save your from an expensive emergency repair down the road.

Here is a step by step approach to guide you through the process of preparing your hot tub for the busy season.

Step 1: Remove and Soak
Remove strainer basket and pull out Micro Filter. To do so, twice the trim ring counter clockwise and gently pull along the floating weir assembly. Clear our debris from basket and rinse. Next soak your microfilter with Beachcomber Filter soak cleaner. Then rinse well to ensure no residue remains.

Step 2: Cleanse & Neutralize
Add Beachcomber Pipe Cleanse to your hot tub water, let is circulate for at least 12 hours before draining your hot tub. Pipe Cleanse will help remove traces of bather waste and biofilm from your pipes to leave you with a cleaner hot tub. Test your water for any presence of sanitizer, if present add in Beachcomber Neutralizer as directed on the bottle to ensure environmentally safe water dumpage.

Step 3: Drain & Clean
Turn power off. Find the drain and fill valve (different location depending on your model) and remove the safety cap from fitted threading. Secure the female end of a hose to opening and ensure the end of hose is at a level lower than valve for complete drainage. Turn outer part of drain/fill valve counter clockwise to open and begin the draining process. Once hot tub is completely empty, remove garden hose and seal valve. While your hot tub is draining, you can use Beachcomber Heatshield with COVER CARE™ to clean your hot tub cover. First thoroughly wash with a mix of warm water and mild detergent, and allow time to dry. Then spray cover completely with COVER CARE™, wait 30 seconds, then using an absorbent cloth buff and wipe off any excess. Using the Hot tub Chamois towel and tub clean, begin wiping down the acrylic hot tub shell once water is drained down to the footwell level.

Step 4: Fill & Eliminate
Ensure drain/fill valve is closed. Attached the Fresh Fill pre-filter to your hose and begin filling your hot tub with water. Once the waterline is halfway up the skimmer, you can now turn the power on. Once your hot tub has all the bubbles out of the line and is circulating, pour in Beachcomber ELIMINATE™ to help prevent corrosion in your hot tub.

Step 5: Add Beachcomber Filter
Add Filter around and over the top of the microfilter basket. This will help trap debris before it reaches the microfilter or heater, helping to reduce maintenance and extend your microfilter's life. Use out 6 way water test strips for quick and easy water balance tests. We recommend testing your hot tub water levels at least 2 times each week or after each use.

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