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Virtual Water Test Program

We are offering a Complimentary Virtual Water Test Program to allow you to remain home and still receive a professional water test. Take an at home test strip water test, upload a photo of the test on a white background taken 7 seconds after the test was performed along with number matched results to our team.

Our Water Technicians will input your data into our Prof. Water Test Lab Software for analysis. A response with a prescription of chemicals needed to treat and balance the water and complete how-to instructions will be sent back in PDF form.

We recommend the use of the Aquacheck brand test strips. Specifically, AquaChek Silver 7-in-1 Test Strips in order to gather the most data available from a strip. Alternate recommendations for data collection Aquachek Select and Aquachek 6 Way Spa Test Strips. To test PPM of salt in the water we recommend testing with Aquachek Silver Test strips. Find all models of test strips we carry, here.

Upload Your water test

Take a photo of the test strip 7 seconds after dipping in water on a white background and upload it along with a numerical data range found by simple matching technique.

* Make sure the image is in JPG/PNG format and is below 2MB in file size.

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