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  1. How long does it take to install an inground swimming pool?

    Like with any construction project, weather conditions play a part in the timing of installations. Landscaping can also extend the length of the process since we like to put in the liner and fill the pool after the bulk of the hardscaping is complete. Typically it takes about 2 weeks from the time we break ground to completion.

  2. What should I look for when choosing a company to build a pool for me?

    Choose a company who can provide you with a list of references to past work. Look for a company that uses best construction practices and doesn’t skimp on materials. A swimming pool is meant to last for many years.

  3. Is it hard to maintain a swimming pool?

    Think of maintaining your pool like learning to ride a bike. With some guidance, the basics are easy. Look for a company like us that can help you along the way by providing free lifetime water testing and analysis.

  4. When it comes to in-ground swimming pools, what is your specialty?

    Seaway Pools specializes in the design and construction of in-ground swimming pools, and the landscaping of the surrounding environment. We build brand new swimming pools, retrofit older pools, and renovate existing pools. We are best known for our quality products and our quality workmanship. Most importantly, we provide the original manufacturer’s warranty on everything we install, as well as a trusted installation guarantee on everything we build.

  5. How does the design process work with regard to our pre-requisites?

    For Seaway Pools, every in-ground swimming pool begins with a creative design concept. We have a highly talented team of designers who prepare a visual concept of the finished pool and the surrounding environment. We work closely with our customers to identify the specific project requisites, the physical features, the special “wish-list”, and, of course, the operating budget. Our customers can always be assured of innovative ideas and a fabulous look.

  6. How can we be certain of the best quality products and construction?

    Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs belongs to the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network. This is a member-only network of professionals committed to best practices in the pool industry. Our people stand behind the products we install, the quality of our work, and our after-market service. Seaway Pools doesn’t fall back on “fine print” stipulations – and best of all, projects are overseen by our president, Craig Walters. On completion, he provides his official “stamp of approval”.

  7. What kind of construction approach can we expect from the company?

    At Seaway Pools, we warranty the structural integrity of our pools; we install 2-stage concrete bottoms; we use galvanized steel; and finally, we back-fill with gravel. Our installation teams are committed to best construction practices, and everything we build and install is to code. We only use top-quality plumbing parts, fittings, and valves, and always make sure that everything performs as promised. For us, complete customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

  8. Once the swimming pool is built, is there post-construction service?

    Seaway Pools continues to provide service after construction. We “open” the pool and provide an orientation session to get everything on track. We cover the general basics of pool operation, the ins and outs of maintenance, and the importance of safety protocol around the pool. Finally, we address customer queries about equipment, features, and accessories. For additional services, customers can rely on our two retail stores in Newmarket or Markham.

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