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Swimming Pool Companies in Markham

Shopping around for a good pool company is worth the time, effort and energy. You obviously want to contract a pool company that’s well established with a known reputation for both quality workmanship and great customer service. So if you’re shopping for swimming pool companies in Markham, have a look at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs – we’ve been in business for more than 35 years, and have designed, built and serviced thousands of pools for many satisfied customers.

The team at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is committed to three basic principles – selling quality products – building and installing with precision – and delivering customer service that’s hard to match. That’s why we remain leaders in the swimming pool industry. We appreciate that buying a pool is a big investment, and we understand that it’s a major, long-term commitment. Which is why we provide top quality and excellent value on every project we undertake.

Over the years, we’ve installed thousands of inground and aboveground swimming pools, and have won many industry awards for our great work. You’ll find our people to be skilled, expert, and experienced – and we build everything according to “best construction practices”.

 The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada

 IPG Group of Products

 Kafko™ Pool Products

 AquaPro™ Pool Products

Clearly, our focus for every customer is a commitment to quality. And it holds for everything we build and install – whether we’re building a new pool, doing a renovation, or dealing with a retrofit. Quite simply, the products we sell are warrantied, and the work we do is guaranteed.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we do it all when it comes to swimming pools. We build new pools, we renovate existing pools, and we retrofit based on need. We also replace pool liners, repair aging concrete, and refurbish old equipment. And for those special added touches, we install water and fire features, as well as lighting fixtures. We do our utmost to bring a seamless process to every project, right from design, to build, to finished product.

We typically start a job with a concept design that clearly illustrates how the finished project will look. We work with you to assess physical needs, wishes and wants, special features and project budget. We incorporate all of the requisites into the project plan, and allow ample time to add input, to fine-tune the ideas, and to make improvements where they are required. We just want to do our best to turn your swimming pool dreams into a reality.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is well recognized in the industry for vinyl lined inground swimming pools. Quality is our top priority, and construction is always comprehensive:  we can guarantee the structural integrity of the pool; we construct a two-stage concrete bottom, we build with galvanized steel, and we customize our True Fit® vinyl liner for every pool. Finally, our inground pools are back-filled with gravel so that drainage is optimized for the long term.

For customers who are working with budget limitations, we often suggest an aboveground pool as the best option. This is a cost-effective approach, allowing for all of the benefits of a swimming pool, while maintaining a given budget. And by working with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, there is no need to jeopardize quality.  Our vinyl lined, aboveground swimming pools are made in Canada, and fabricated to withstand the weather extremes of Canada’s climate.

For construction and installation, everything we do is based on construction best practices. Our construction crews don’t take shortcuts: they build to code, and they follow local by-laws.  We always install premium quality equipment, fittings and shut-off valves – and we offer top-quality watercare packages. Once again, our focus is on 100% customer satisfaction, and it carries through from the start of every project, to the end, and until the day we leave.

When a job is complete, customer service continues. We offer a level of aftermarket service that is unequalled in the business – it's customer-focused support, even after the construction has been concluded. We will “open” your new swimming pool, and our experienced staff will go through all of the operating procedures, maintenance protocols, and safety practices. The idea is to make sure that everyone understands the new setup and the new equipment.

For added service, our two retail stores (one in Markham, and one in Newmarket) are there for the more day-to-day needs. We stock all manner of plumbing parts, pool equipment and accessories, and our staff is well informed and knowledgeable about everything pool related. Advice and assistance are always available, including unforeseen and unfortunate emergency circumstances.  Best of all, pool water analysis is FREE of charge, whenever required.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we see ourselves as distinct – we are passionate about pools, and obsessive about customer satisfaction.  Our aim is to build both short-term and long-term relationships with each and every customer. And beyond turning swimming pool dreams into reality, we want to make sure that swimming pool satisfaction is there for many years to come. It’s probably why so many customers return to us, and come highly recommended.

So if you’re currently shopping for pool companies in Markham, take a good look at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs – you’re bound to be satisfied with your decision.

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