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Seaway Cares About Your Water Quality

Free computerized water analysis

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we care about your water quality and overall outdoor living experience. Our friendly team of experts is always available to provide free water analysis and testing, simply bring in a water sample and we can help you ensure your pool water is meeting the highest quality standards. With two convenient locations in Newmarket and Markham, we are your go-to expert team when it comes to pools and hot tubs in the Greater Toronto Area. Our facilities offer a liquid chlorine refill centre, in addition to a wide variety of chemicals and supplies for water maintenance. Read more about watercare and accessories available at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs below.

Top Quality Chemicals And Supplies Available At Seaway


IPG Pool Chemicals and Supplies.

IPG Pool Chemicals

Unlike big box retailers, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs carries the professional grade line of International Pool Group (IPG) brand chemicals. This includes a wide range of products to meet your watercare needs, such as exclusive products like the ALG GO, Fix Shock Treatment, Solution 48 and Aqua Foot chemicals.

ALG GO: A 3-in-1, easy-to-use solid tablet to eliminate algae in your pool. Using ALG GO once per week can destroy any growing algae, allowing you to ensure proper water quality, improve temperature regulation and reduce debris and waste buildup in filter systems. The tablet dissolves completely in 48 hours and can be placed in a skimmer or pump basket to allow for easy treatment and peace-of-mind when it comes to your water quality.

Fix Shock Treatment: The popular Fix Shock Treatment comes in a convenient 300g pouch and is able to actively destroy plant residues (algae, leaves) and skin residues in pool water. The treatment helps improve clarity and filtration efficiency and is a quick, effective and easy solution to incorporate into your normal watercare routine.

Solution 48 Kit: An all-in-one kit for re-opening your pool after its been out of use for the winter. It has guaranteed results within 48 hours and includes a Shock, Oxy and Energy solution in addition to Klear-Sok. The Solution 48 Kit is a convenient and efficient package for getting your pool ready for the summer months!

Aqua Foot: The IPG brand’s chlorinating tablets can be uses for daily maintenance of bacteria and algae levels within your pool. Use these convenient tablets in your watercare routine to ensure consistent water quality in your pool.



Beachcomber Hot Tub Supplies and Chemical water treatments.

Beachcomber Hot Tub Supplies and Chemicals

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we also sell professional grade Beachcomber brand hot tub chemicals. These supplies are available exclusively at recognized dealers and can’t be found at other big box retailers. This range of high quality Beachcomber products includes any of the necessary hot tub cleaning supplies for your regular watercare routine, such as chemicals to control bacteria and algae and to maintain water pH levels. We also sell Beachcomber brand hot tub covers, cover removers and custom covers depending on your specific needs. Whether you have a fair-weather hot tub or intend to use it throughout the Canadian winter, our expert team at Seaway can help you with any watercare and accessories you may require.

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Robotic pool cleaner suited for any pool type.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

When it comes to watercare and accessories, an important component of any water maintenance routine is a pool cleaner. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we sell a variety of excellent cleaners to suit any pool type. We sell the highest quality Hayward and Polaris brand pool cleaners, including electric, robotic and suction-based vacuums that range in their level of automation.



swimming pool accessories online and in-store in Toronto.

Fun Pool Accessories

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we can provide you with anything you may need related to watercare and accessories…and that includes fun extras for your pool and hot tub! Whether you are looking for relaxing loungers or chairs, water games or Aquafitness products, Seaway has you covered. See some of our available accessories listed below:

No matter what accessories you are looking for to help make your pool and backyard a fun oasis, the experienced team at Seaway can help get you started.

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Watercare Service From Seaway

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we can help with your watercare by providing a variety of at-home and in-store services. We offer weekly service, service calls, opening and closing services for your pool and free in-store water testing anytime! Come in and speak to our team of experienced experts to learn how we can help with your watercare routine.


Hot tub showroom in Toronto.

Seaway Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Pool & Hot Tub Needs

Why choose Seaway for your pool and hot tub needs? Because we are so much more than just a pool shop! We not only sell and install vinyl inground, aboveground and semi-inground pools, but we also sell Beachcomber hot tubs and provide pool landscaping, outdoor living furniture and supplies and accessories. Essentially, our team is prepared to help you make your backyard a relaxing and exciting oasis for the summer. To get started making your dream backyard a reality, contact Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs at 905-294-8030 or visit our store locations in Newmarket or Markham.

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I hired seaway to close my pool at the end of the season and was very happy with their work. They made sure that the pool was spotless added the appropriate chemicals and they were very efficient.

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