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Create the Perfect Escape.

In recent years, pool companies in Toronto have seen an increased demand for plunge pools, with more and more Canadians prioritizing the transformation of their backyards into an ultimate staycation oasis. As real estate becomes a premium commodity, the plunge pool provides a perfect solution for those tight on yard space. People opting for smaller pools are left with room to incorporate landscaping, cabanas and dining areas into their backyards. Plunge pools smaller size provides more flexibility and options when choosing the perfect location. Smaller than a regular pool but still larger than a hot tub, plunge pools make it possible for you to have it all: the pool, the dining area and lounge section. Seaway Pools & Hot tubs will be excited to help design and build your backyard into an ultimate dream escape.

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Make Your Backyard Your Ultimate Escape.

“A ‘must-have’ item for families looking to increase family fun time, or adults who love to enjoy outdoor luxury.”

Enjoy access to a swimming pool in the privacy and comfort of your home. Plunge pools are the perfect space-saving option for families and adults who do not have large backyards. Take a dip to cool off and relax, get fit with low-impact aquatic aerobic exercises, or host a friendly gathering. A plunge pool’s size and versatility are its greatest advantages. Most plunge pools are still large enough to entertain friends, ranging in sizes from 7 feet to 20 feet. Meanwhile, its shallower depth makes it child and family-friendly. Plunge pools are excellent for relaxing after a long day, as all plunge pools come standard with jets. Thanks to its smaller size, it costs significantly less to heat. Many plunge pool owners will make their pool operational year-round using it as a hot tub in the winter months.

Plunge pools available in Toronto

Save on Cost, Not on Fun.

Plunge pools make it affordable to add a luxury feature to your backyard. With a plunge pool, you can enjoy all the advantages that come with a swimming pool at a fraction of the cost and space! Right from the beginning, building a plunge pool is much less expensive than a full-sized swimming pool. The typical installation cost of plunge pools is typically half the cost of an inground swimming pool installation. Plunge pools require less space to be cleared and fewer raw materials to construct the pool and surrounding area. The average time it takes to complete a plunge pool installation project entirely is two weeks, far shorter than the typical eight to ten week timeline estimated to complete inground pool construction and installation. Thanks to their smaller size, the cost and time associated with maintaining a plunge pool is far lower compared to maintaining a swimming pool. Plunge pools use fewer chemicals to maintain and are less expensive to heat. Over time it adds up to considerable savings in time and money!

Plunge Swimming pools built for Toronto.

Give a “WOW” Factor to Your Backyard.

The addition of a plunge pool can genuinely enrich your lifestyle. Plunge pools offer attractive and innovative finishing options to create a pool unique to you and bring a “wow” factor to your backyard. Finish off your plunge pool with an enticing water feature, colour LED pool lights or an innovative tanning ledge.


Convert your backyard into your dream retreat with the addition of a plunge pool. Invite friends to sit on the steps sipping a G & T or make more time for family gatherings. Your backyard will soon be where you and your loved ones are spending all your time.



Benefits of a Plunge Pool

Plunge Pools Toronto

Escape From The Mundane

Plunge Pools Toronto

The Aesthetic Value Of A Pool

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Year-Round Use

Plunge Pool Design Toronto

Room For Landscape & Design

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Low Cost

plunge pool low maintenance

Low Maintenance

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Versatile Uses

Choose the Plunge Pool Right For You

Choosing the right plunge pool for you and your family comes down to your needs and primary uses of the pool. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is proud to offer the Cenote, Tanda and Escondido. Trilogy pools are made with the highest grade materials. Top-quality resin, flexural fibreglass and Trilogy’s exclusive HydroStone surface colours are all elite finishes that leave your pool durable and with award-winning design. 


swimming pool contractors Toronto Plunge Pool Length Can Be Customized!


The demand for pools is higher than ever this year.
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What People Say

I hired seaway to close my pool at the end of the season and was very happy with their work. They made sure that the pool was spotless added the appropriate chemicals and they were very efficient.

Our backyard is now a private paradise. The exceptional work that Seaway Pools provided is second to none. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and they delivered everything they promised on time and on budget. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to build a pool or renovate a backyard. Thanks again for a great job guys!

This review is late because our pool was built in 2011 and this is our 10th season enjoying our beautiful backyard. Craig was tremendous in service and advice. We could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend this pool company if you are considering a backyard oasis.

We were impressed with Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs, even before they started digging for our new plunge pool. They assured us that the highest quality materials would be used, and that they build according to high standards and principles. We were also happy that once pool construction commenced, they kept in constant touch with us from the beginning of the project to the end whlie practicing safe social distancing. And finally, we were thrilled to hear that they stand behind their workmanship and products for the long term.

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