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Fresh Fill Prefilter


Don’t let unwanted metals, suspended solids, or volatile organic compounds reach your hot tub water. Stop contaminants lurking in the local water supply from infiltrating your hot tub water with the Fresh Fill Prefilter. Fill your hot tub, pool, or spa with the peace of mind and confidence that your water is safe and healthy for everyone.


Well-suited to rural and well water systems, the Fresh Fill is an easy to use prefilter that attaches easily to your garden hose. Using food-grade activated carbon and advanced filtration media to exclude heavy metals, VOCs, and other contaminants from the water as you fill your hot tub, pool, pond, aquarium, and more. 

4 easy steps for a Fresh Fill:

  • Connect to any garden hose
  • Flush the Fresh Fill for 30 seconds
  • Fill up the tub and reduce water flow at tap for best results
  • Replace end caps and store in a dry area

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