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For most people, the idea of a saltwater pool conjures up a swimming pool filled with ocean water. While this is understandable, a saltwater pool system actually refers to a pool that uses a salt chlorine generator for the purpose of sanitization. This approach has numerous benefits overall, and clearly has some unique elements, including various aspects of saltwater pool maintenance.In fact, there is such a thing as a “sea water” swimming pool, meaning that the pool is actually filled with ocean water. These are very specialized swimming pools, and not to be confused with a saltwater pool or a saltwater pool system. For homeowners considering a saltwater pool, it’s important to understand the saltwater pool system, and the various aspects of saltwater pool maintenance.

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A Saltwater Pool System Is Different Than A Conventional Swimming Pool

A saltwater pool has a salt concentration level that isn’t detectable by human taste buds. It does not leave a salty residue on the skin or hair – it might be likened to the same saline solution used with contact lenses. While unnoticeable, the salt water pool system provides the necessary chemical reactions designed to create chlorine. This is all accomplished with a salt chlorine generator.

Without getting overly technical, pool salt gets processed and distributed by the saltwater pool system, specifically through the salt chlorine generator. The generator technology, along with an electrolysis process, creates hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. The hypochlorous acid replaces chlorine tablets or granule materials that are traditionally used when sanitizing inground swimming pools.

Salt water swimming pool in Toronto.A saltwater pool system is designed to continuously process salt and consistently maintain the proper balance throughout the course of the day. However, when it comes to saltwater pool maintenance, there are things that can affect salt levels – like heavy rain (which dilutes salt concentration) or pool activities where significant amounts of water might be splashed out. To be sure, chlorine produced by electrolysis is not as harsh as conventional swimming pool chlorine. Chlorine derived from salt doesn’t smell like bleach and is gentle on skin, hair and bathing suits. Oftentimes, the pool water feels softer, and the salt itself is considered to be purer and healthier than traditional chlorine. This is important for those who want to limit chlorine exposure.

Needless to say, for those considering a saltwater pool and a saltwater pool system, there are various things to think about. Clearly, there’s the initial cost of the salt chlorine generator, which will depend on pool size and level of automation. As well, there is energy use to consider, since the generator operates in conjunction with the pool pump. Ongoing, salt maintenance is minimal.

With respect to saltwater pool maintenance, a saltwater pool system only addresses chlorine. The other aspects of maintenance still require attention – like adjusting PH levels, alkalinity, and the like. Shocking the pool is also necessary, although this can be done through one of the features of the generator. In some cases, salt pool owners like to shock the pool with a traditional granular shock.

On the downside, going with the salt approach can be potentially corrosive to pool equipment and some types of stonework around the pool. Many homeowners decide to purchase “salt friendly” equipment which is specifically designed to resist corrosion. However, all things considered, water quality in a saltwater pool definitely feels better, smells better, and tastes better than chlorine.

Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System

Hayward Aquarite Salt chlorination system being used in this salt water pool.The Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System is considered to be Number One in the world. It’s the most effective alternative to conventional pool chlorine, allowing for soft, silky pool water, and no red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh odour. The Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System is very convenient, totally automated, and well supported by the industry’s best product warranty.

With the Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System, pool sanitization is made easy, and without any exposure to the harshness of chemical chlorine. The patented salt chlorination system easily converts salt into chlorine, satisfying 100% of a pool’s chlorination needs. The Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System provides pool comfort, maintenance convenience, and dollar savings.

With automatic and consistent water sanitization, AquaRite® is far easier to manage than the manual approach to chlorine addition. Best of all, the system converts dissolved salt into an almost endless supply of chlorine. There’s no need to deal with chlorine chemicals, and conventional chlorine costs are reduced by 50% at least. Chlorine levels are perfectly balanced all the time.


The Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System Works In Four Simple Steps

  1. Pool water with the proper measure of dissolved salt enters the TurboCell® component
  2. The TurboCell® is then powered up, and converts the dissolved salts into chlorine gas
  3. The chlorine (in gas form) dissolves into the water (the salt levels are barely detectable)
  4. The swimming pool water is supplied with pure chlorine which circulates throughout

The AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System Is Available From Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has been in the swimming pool business for over 40 years – offering top quality products, high standards of installation, and unparalleled customer service. As members of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, Seaway follows a code of ethics with every installation, and stands behind every product and installation. Complete customer satisfaction is assured from end to end.

Working with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, homeowners are familiarized with the AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System, and are apprised of the maintenance recommendations and safety measures. Seaway has two convenient retail locations (Markham and Newmarket), and in-house staff can offer valuable advice on everything from general swimming pool maintenance to the specifics of water chemistry. Best of all, Seaway customers can always take advantage of FREE water testing. For more information, contact the professionals at Seaway by calling 905-294-8030 or visiting the website at

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