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Swimming Pool Builders In Forest Hill

When looking for quality swimming pool builders in Forest Hill, you need to do your research. However, we guarantee that your research for pool builders in Forest Hill will end with us. At Seaway, we value our customers and want them to have the pool of their dreams.

Design your own backyard oasis with pool builders in Forest Hill

Your backyard is your sanctuary. It’s where you grill, sit and enjoy the sun and entertain guests. Your backyard is also the place where your family and friends congregate in the summer to hang out and spend time together. The space is your own and you should get the luxury swimming pool you want. Seaway can transform any vacant backyard space into an inviting retreat that has something for the whole family.

When you have Seaway install a vinyl lined pool in your backyard you get the benefits of:

Swimming Pool Types

As pool builders in Forest Hill, we are confident in our construction process. We offer different types of vinyl lined pools for every taste:

Aboveground pools

Providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional inground pools, aboveground swimming pools allow you to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing swim without taking up too much valuable backyard space. We can perform the installation for you or for those who prefer to be more hands-on, we have above ground pool kits that are equipped with everything you need to do it yourself.

Inground pools:

Our inground swimming pool options are custom-built with a 2-stage concrete bottom and galvanized steel walls. In addition, our inground pools possess a true-fit vinyl pool liner and are back-filled with gravel to make sure there are no issues with drainage.

Semi-inground pools:

A cross between an inground and above ground pool, semi-inground swimming pools are only partially built into your backyard’s soil. We offer three types of semi-inground pools: oval (resembles a traditional pool), rectangular (square-shaped), and round (symmetrical). Each of shape is customizable and comes insulated with a durable vinyl liner and straight or round wall panels.

Saltwater pools: 

These pools contain, of course, saltwater. The saltwater used does not leave residue on the skin and is undetectable to our taste buds. The advanced system used in these pools creates a harmless chemical reaction that processes hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. The acids produced are analogous to the chlorine which you would find in traditional swimming pools.

Swim spas: 

For those who have limited space or want to swim year-round, try a swim spa. Our pool builders in Forest Hill will design this type of mini-pool with an acrylic surface. We offer 14’ or 17’ models complete with spa features like jets and bench seating, so you can relax or exercise.

Swimming pool facts: What you need to know about your future pool

Most people have questions and concerns that they want addressed when they contact pool builders in Forest Hill. Let us ease your mind with the following:


We start with a creative concept. Our design team will prepare a visual representation of your future pool that includes all the components and details you request. The design will encompass the surrounding areas of the pool like the deck, BBQ area etc. and will include any water features you’d like to enhance the pool. We will not move on to the construction phase until you are satisfied with the design.

Construction and installation

We are members of the Kafko™ Pro Builders Network. This means we are committed to the pool industry’s best practices and will only use quality products for building. The structural identity of any pool requires the best products and the best team. Craig Walters, the president of Seaway, personally inspects each aspect of the construction and installation process to ensure that you are getting a beautiful swimming pool that looks like it appeared on the pages of a luxury magazine. Moreover, we work with the building and municipality codes of Toronto to make sure no laws and ordinances are being violated while we construct your pool. Finally, for those who have existing pools that are in need of renovation, we can revamp and restore your old pool making it look gorgeous and new.

Maintenance and care

Post-installation, our team will go over the operational instructions, safety and pool basics so that you can get a clear understanding of how your pool works. Not all pool builders in Forest Hill provide an orientation service, but we think this is an important aspect of pool ownership. In addition, we provide maintenance packages for those that would like a professional cleaning service to care for their pool. Plus, we offer two retail locations that are only a short drive from Forest Hill where you can stock up on accessories and have your water tested if something seems off.

References and customer satisfaction

At Seaway, we are proud of the work we do and will ensure that you can speak to our customers and look at photos of our pools. We understand that pool construction may be an inconvenience (it takes about two weeks to install an inground pool) and we want to make sure that you and your neighbours are prepared for the minimal invasiveness it can cause. Contact Seaway today and we’ll become your go-to pool builders in Forest Hill. You deserve the ultimate backyard oasis.

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