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Tub Clean - Acrylic Surface Cleaner


Eliminate scrum lines and grease build up fast with a gently multi-surface Acrylic Tub Cleaner. 

When grease, oils, and dirt build up in your hot tub, the EcoLogo hot tub cleaning solutions clears scum lines and grease build up easily. The solution is a certified biodegradable, gentle. Multi-surface cleaning. Solution, designed for results. 

  • Available size: 500ml
  • pH: 2.1

The Beachcomber Tub Clean is an effective cleaning formula boosted by a citrus base with a pH of 2.1 and hydrophobic ingredients that cut through grease to remove oils and buildup on contact. The effective and innovative cleaning solution is completely biodegradable and certified by EcoLogo as an environmentally hot tub cleaning solution. Due to its ability to produce foam, it’s essential that you reduce contact between the product and your hot tub water.

  • Tub Clean should not come in contact with hot tub water.
  • Use the Beachcomber Tub Clean directly from the bottle, wiping the hot tub at the water line to remove any buildups of oil or grease.
  •  Use a gentle cleaning tool like a sponge or cloth. 
  • Wipe and rinse thoroughly with water.

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