Vinyl Lined Aboveground Swimming Pools

Expertly installed by Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs

An aboveground swimming pool from Seaway Pools & Hot tubs is a cost-effective option that allows for all the benefits of a backyard pool. Our pools are made in Canada, built to withstand our Canadian climate, and designed to weather the harsh extremes. We offer all-resin models (ideal for saltwater pools) in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit practically every backyard scenario. These are quality built pools that will bring years and years of family enjoyment.

How many years does an aboveground pool last?

By any definition, an aboveground pool is an investment. And while every homeowner wants the pool to last a lifetime, lifespan is dependent on a range of factors, with one of the most important being maintenance.

The truth is, aboveground pools do not last forever. However, a good quality pool could last for up to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. Premature aging is usually a result of improper care and maintenance.

Proper pool maintenance pays off – from preventing damaging rust to preventing damage to the pool liner. Clearly, the homeowner must ensure seasonal maintenance, but a professional touch can be very helpful.

What is the biggest aboveground pool you can buy?

Sizing for an aboveground swimming pool should be based primarily on the size of the backyard. Naturally, size would also be based on pool usage priorities, as well as family size. For some, the patio space around the pool might also have a bearing on pool size. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, the biggest aboveground pool measures 18 feet by 33 feet. We’ll show you the best options for planning and designing your pool, and how to take the advantage of the available backyard space.

How much does it cost to have an aboveground pool installed?

The cost of an above ground swimming pool will vary with the size and features of the pool. The fact is, this type of pool is an investment, with long-term benefits for the whole family. For an accurate quote, call one of the pool specialists at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs at 905-294-8030.

Can you heat an aboveground pool?

Yes – there are several ways to heat an aboveground pool – particularly in regions where the pool water could get quite cold. The bigger question to answer is about the best way to heat the pool. Nothing beats the comfort of warm pool water, so it’s important to get professional advice on the most cost effective heating system. Here, homeowners can choose from various options including gas heaters, heat pumps, and even solar heaters. Clearly, the budget will be a big factor.

Is it worth installing a pool?

A backyard pool is a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. Beyond the amenities, a pool provides many summers of get-togethers, health benefits, and entertainment.

A big health benefit with a pool is the opportunity for low-impact exercise. It’s better than jogging and is an ideal routine for those who are suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

For improving cardio health, swimming is the perfect protocol. Depending on physical ability, you can even do repetitive laps – an exercise that has very minimal body strain. Swimming is great for stress-relief – the weightless feeling is very therapeutic. Studies show that swimming reduces stress on the body and brain (it’s a “feel good” exercise).

In many regions, a pool can be used for many months. With a high quality heat pump, the warm water offsets cooler weather. Heat pumps can double your swim season. In summer, nothing beats a dip in the pool. Early evening or late at night, a family swim is the best way to finish off the day – with only the pool lights and moonlight.

A backyard pool is an affordable source of entertainment, especially with kids and friends and family. For many homeowners, it’s one of the better “staycation” options. A swimming pool can quickly become a focal point for family and friends – from those weekend barbecues to the annual pool party – always something to look forward.

Why choose Seaway?

Since 1982, Seaway Pools has been installing many of the industry’s top-selling pools. All of our aboveground swimming pools are equipped with Hayward Pool Products: quality pumps, filters, heaters, lighting and more. In short, our skilled installers will supply and install it all. You’ll have everything you’ll need to get the pool season going. And for those who prefer the DIY approach, we have a wide selection of aboveground kits available for immediate delivery.

Aboveground swimming pools are an excellent alternative to conventional pools, and a cost-effective option that allows the homeowner to stay within a given budget. At Seaway Pools, there is no compromise on quality: we install quality shut-off valves, top-of-the-line plumbing fittings, and the very best water-care packages. As for quality control, each project is overseen by company owner Craig Walters – it’s another way to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Top of the Line Products

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is part of the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network – pool professionals who are committed to being the best. As a company, we stand behind all of the products we sell; the workmanship we bring to every job, and the high level of customer service we provide. We simply want to assure full satisfaction, without relying on many of the “fine print” disclaimers that are found in many corners of the pool industry. For us, the customer is at the forefront.

Regardless of project size, the team at Seaway Pools brings a professional approach to every job. Our design team can always provide great ideas for the pool and backyard. Our skilled installers are committed to the best construction practices – and our after-market customer service is supportive. Everything we do is to code, and we never take shortcuts that would compromise the integrity of the project. Our focus is on quality products and installation.

Professional Staff

Customers are in good hands with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs from the start of a project until the end. We’ve been selling and installing aboveground pools for well over three decades, and have built a sound reputation with thousands of satisfied customers. We belong to The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada and are fully committed to their code of ethics. It means that our entire team strives for the highest standard of excellence in everything they do.

Once installation is completed, day-to-day essentials are available at either of our two retail stores (one located in Markham, the other in Newmarket). We stock replacement parts, pool supplies, and accessories for practically every need. Best of all, our knowledgeable staff is available to provide troubleshooting advice and assistance. Visit for more information on how you can get an aboveground pool!