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Best in Class Pool Technology for Total Backyard Enjoyment

Passionate swimming pool owners are always on top of the latest trends in swimming pool technology. Whether you own an existing pool, or are looking to install a new pool, things are constantly evolving – from new technologies, to special features, to fancy high-tech gadgets.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, you’ll find the latest in pool technology from the best brands on the market. We provide everything from automated control systems, to enhanced energy efficient equipment, to some of the most innovative lighting, audio, and water features available today.

Badu swimjet pool system.

The BADU® SwimJet System

The BADU® SwimJet system is an innovative water propulsion system, sometimes referred to as a “water treadmill”. Seaway can install the SwimJet system in any type of pool, whether new or existing. This system can deliver a water-jet current that’s in excess of 5,700 gallons per minute.

The idea behind BADU® is to create a powerful water current (or “water flow”), with direction and flow rate that is completely adjustable. When the system is activated, swimmers can still use the other areas of the swimming pool. The powerful water-jet current has countless applications



Evoqua DELTA UV disinfection pool technology and equipment

Evoqua DELTA UV® Disinfection

DELTA UV® disinfection systems will provide your swimming pool with cleaner, healthier water, using clean light technology. DELTA UV® provides effective water treatment solutions for both residential pools and hot tubs. This is truly an eco-friendly way to disinfect pools and hot tubs. With ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, algae growth is better controlled, and seasonal chemical costs are reduced. The DELTA UV® system deactivates chlorine-resistant pathogens, allowing for less chemical usage, and therefore protecting swimmers who have sensitive skin or health issues.



Clearblue swimming pool ionizer.

ClearBlue Swimming Pool Ionizer

The ClearBlue Ionizer hooks directly into your filtration system, releasing microscopic mineral ions designed to control bacteria and algae. Simply put, this will allow for a substantial reduction of all types of chemicals. ClearBlue minerals have proven to be very effective in controlling algae. While chlorine and salt chlorinators will affect your pool’s pH balance, ClearBlue mineral ions are totally neutral - your pH levels will not need any adjusting. The ClearBlue system is harmless to your pool infrastructure, as well as your pool equipment, and any surrounding landscaping.



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Hayward Aquarite Salt Chlorinator for saltwater pools.

HAYWARD® AquaRite Salt Chlorinator

The AquaRite Salt Chlorinator is the world’s Number One – the ideal alternative to conventional chlorine. AquaRite delivers the softest, silkiest pool water, with no more itchy skin, red eyes, or harsh odour. The product automatically delivers chlorine for an ultimate swimming experience.

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, the AquaRite Salt Chlorinator has the industry's best warranty support. This is the top product in the industry, offering 50% or more savings over other conventional chlorine products. The salt Chlorination TurboCells are available in 3 sizes.




Hayward automated pool technology.

HAYWARD® Automated Technology

HAYWARD® provides automated pool technology for virtually every aspect of your pool. With AquaConnect, you can manage every essential swimming pool function. With the OnCommand system, aftermarket device applications can be affordably automated (like pool time clocks).

ProLogic offers pool owners an automated system to manage and control pool chemicals. With OmniLogic, pool automation provides various control functions using an intuitive APP. Finally, the OmniHub system delivers smart control for pumps, heaters, lights, salt systems, and more.



Hayward variable speed pump pool technology.

HAYWARD® Variable Speed Pumps

HAYWARD® pumps are recognized as the industry leaders – both high performance and energy efficient. The VS Omni variable-speed pump is an easy and affordable way to add smart controls to your swimming pool. The TriStar VS variable speed pump provides incredible energy savings.

The Super Pump® VS variable-speed pump is a best seller for HAYWARD® - delivering upwards of 80% energy savings over traditional single speed models.



Swimming Pool Accessories and Heaters

Swimming Pool Heaters

HAYWARD® swimming pool heaters are designed to be energy efficient and high performance. These heaters save money while being environmentally responsible. The H-Series offers an electronic ignition system, nickel-finn-plate heat exchanger, and fire tile combustion chamber.



Swimming Pool Supplies and Filters

Swimming Pool Filters

When it comes to current pool technology, HAYWARD® offers a line of pool filters to ensure clear and clean pool water. Seaway carries the Hayward Swimclear Multi element filter and the Hayward Proseries sand filters. These filters set a new standard for performance, dependability, and value. SwimClear™ Multi-Element cartridge filters eliminate the need to backwash, thus saving water.

For new swimming pools or existing pools, SwimClear Single Element cartridge filters are the most efficient filters, providing best-in-class performance. The DEP 500 Series pleated element filter is provides superior water clarity, making pool maintenance simpler and faster than ever.



Robotic swimming pool technology.

Robotic Pool Technology

Every swimming pool needs cleaning on a regular schedule. This is for aesthetics, sanitation, and longevity. HAYWARD® offers a complete line of robotic pool cleaners that are both effective and energy efficient. Daily and weekly, your swimming pool will look great, and with far less effort.

Polaris offers a high-tech robotic cleaner with superior cleaning performance and an iAquaLink control system. You link directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and connect at anytime and from anywhere – to schedule recurring cleaning rotations and even to troubleshoot from any device.



For The Latest In Pool Technology, Trust Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs

In addition to bringing you the latest in swimming pool technology, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is a full service pool company. We offer everything from new construction, to reconstruction, to landscaping, to pool maintenance. We also sell the best hot tub brands on the market, install outdoor kitchens, and BBQ stations. For over 40 years, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has been servicing the Greater Toronto Area. Find out more by calling 905-294-8030 and chat with one of our pool professionals.


What People Say

I hired seaway to close my pool at the end of the season and was very happy with their work. They made sure that the pool was spotless added the appropriate chemicals and they were very efficient.

November 06, 2012

Our backyard is now a private paradise. The exceptional work that Seaway Pools provided is second to none. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and they delivered everything they promised on time and on budget. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to build a pool or renovate a backyard. Thanks again for a great job guys!

May 12, 2021

This review is late because our pool was built in 2011 and this is our 10th season enjoying our beautiful backyard. Craig was tremendous in service and advice. We could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend this pool company if you are considering a backyard oasis.

We were impressed with Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs, even before they started digging for our new plunge pool. They assured us that the highest quality materials would be used, and that they build according to high standards and principles. We were also happy that once pool construction commenced, they kept in constant touch with us from the beginning of the project to the end whlie practicing safe social distancing. And finally, we were thrilled to hear that they stand behind their workmanship and products for the long term.

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