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Cover Care (500ml) - Cover Conditioner


Take care of your hot tub by taking special care of your hot tub cover. Designed to protect the look and functionality of your vinyl hot tub cover, the Beachcomber COVER CARE solution is designed to preserve your hot tub cover from harsh ultraviolet rays and sunlight.

Available size: 500 ml

Cover care solution is a cleaning solution used to keep hot tub covers free of dirt, dust, grime, and uv-induced damage from the sun. The liquid cleaner revitalizes the hot tub cover, introducing an added layer of protection that repels contaminants that degrade covers.


To facilitate application, the Cover Care solution comes with an easy to use spray nozzle. Start by brushing any existing dirt or debris on the hot tub cover and wiping off the surface with a solution consisting of warm water and a mild detergent. Once clean, spray the Cover Clean solution onto the hot tub cover until the surface is completely wet. Wait around 30 seconds until the hot tub cover dries, then wipe the surface dry and buff out any excess solution with an absorbent cleaning cloth. The Cover Care should be applied about every 4 weeks.

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