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Choosing A Hot Tub In Stouffville

For those of you who are shopping for a new hot tub, the first step, and a critical one, would be to choose the right dealer/contractor.  Your best option would be to choose a company that actually specializes in hot tubs.  They will know products and product features, and they will be experienced with the nuances of installation.  It’s also best to shop for a quality product, and that means shopping for more than just a price point.  And don’t forget about customer service - you want a dealer to be with you from the very start of the project until the very end.

You are the customer, so make sure the dealer addresses your specific needs.  And you’re paying the bill, so you’re entitled to a level of customer support throughput the installation process.  A good dealer will actually help you to choose the right hot tub – it will be a choice that suits your family’s needs, matches your family’s lifestyle, and fits well into your budget.  The thing is, with so much competition in the market, selecting and purchasing a hot tub can become challenging and stressful.  Try to make it something that’s satisfying and stress free.

Regardless of your particular budget, buying a hot tub is a big investment.  And as a consumer, the more informed you are, the better you will be at making purchasing decisions.  As far as cost, it’s always best to base everything on a budget that is pre-defined.  As for the final choice of hot tub, we consumers typically get exactly what we pay for, so special deals or discounts aren’t always the best.  In short, consider all of the relative costs:  the size of tub you need; the cost of delivery, setup, and installation; and any additional costs like plumbing or electrical.

One of the best things to do when shopping for a hot tub is to “try out” a working tub before buying.   A good dealer will offer their customers a “try out”, and will give them a chance to experience “hot tubbing” first-hand.  This is the perfect opportunity to familiarize with the basic operation of the tub, and to get a sense of the different features and accessories that are available.  Indeed, this is a good time to start deciding which kind of hot tub would be best for the family.  This is also the best time to get all of those outstanding questions answered.

The dealer that specializes in hot tubs will probably have a showroom with an impressive collection of hot tub models – in all shapes and all sizes.  This is the time to decide on the size of tub that would be your best option.  It’s also the time to finalize the product features and accessories that you most want.  With knowledgeable sales staff at your service, take this opportunity to see how the final hot tub “package” fits within your budget.  Good sales staff can also help with estimating the overall cost of utilities, maintenance, and general operation.

The cool accessories and fancy features are fun, but it’s more important to inquire about the product warranty, the installation guaranty, and the after-sales service that’s available.  The dealer that is reputable and well established will be able to offer all of the above.  In other words, a good product warranty (without the fine print), a long-term installation guarantee, and after-sales service that probably includes in-house service personnel.  With regard to the hot tub, it’s not a bad idea to buy a brand name, and particularly one associated with quality.

When its time to consider the installation, a dealer that does everything under one roof can deliver excellent value.  That includes selling a high quality product, installing with precision, and providing customer service during the life of the project.  This is not a time to be sold on sub-contracting – this is a time for a contractor who can do it all:  the entire installation from end to end; quick, efficient, and safe work; and an attention to detail.  And finally, the contractor should get you going with an initial startup of the tub, and an initiation session.

The post-install period is also important to consider when choosing a dealer.  A good company makes sure that their customers understand how to operate their hot tub, how to perform the required maintenance, and how to be safe and secure around the tub.  This is another time when good staff plays a part.  Experienced staff members know how to troubleshoot; they know about equipment and replacement parts; and they’re ready to help when required.  As a customer, it’s this kind of customer service and support that will help you decide on a dealer.

When you own a hot tub, you’ll have some responsibilities, one of which is to make sure that the chemical content in the water is maintained.  For hygienic reasons, hot tub water must be tested on a regular basis.  There must be a proper balance of alkalinity, calcium, and pH level – and all of these must be monitored and properly corrected if necessary.  Having unbalanced water can have various unwanted effects on occupants and equipment.  Do yourself a favor and choose a dealer/contractor who offers FREE water testing/analysis whenever you need.

Now that you know how to select a hot tub in Stouffville, or in the towns and communities north of the GTA, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can be at your service.  We offer you a level of customer service that is unequaled.  Our priority is 100% customer satisfaction, and we stand behind every product we sell and install.  Our installation teams are the best in the business:  they will install without taking shortcuts; they will always follow building codes; and they routinely abide by the local by-laws.  We install only the best hot tubs, parts and equipment.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is a quality company with quality people.  Our President and owner, Craig Walters, oversees practically every project - and that’s what we call quality control.

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