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This Is The Perfect Year To Transform Your Backyard Into An Ultimate Staycation Oasis.

Inground Hot Tubs by Seaway

Enjoy year-round fun and relaxation with an inground hot tub by Seaway!

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has over 40 years of experience in installing inground hot tubs and landscaping backyards. We have helped hundreds of happy clients transform their backyards into beautiful retreats.

Inground hot tub users can enjoy all the rewarding benefits of a portable hot tub, but without sacrificing the design or aesthetics of your backyard. Inground hot tubs offer the same relaxing and stress-relieving benefits of a portable hot tub but provide the added option of incorporating features like cascading waterfalls, wrap around decks and so much more into the design.


Create Space For Relaxation

With more and more of us working from home, it is important that we create spaces for enjoyment and relaxation. Our lives are busier and more stressful than ever, sometimes it can be hard to find time for ourselves to unwind. After a long hard day, make relaxing a few steps away by incorporating an inground hot tub into your backyard. All hot tubs come with customizable jets and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Enjoy the additional accessibility and aesthetics of a custom inground hot tub with the same hydrotherapy and health benefits of an above ground hot tub. Regular use of your hot tub is clinically proven to help improve your sleep quality, relieve muscle tension and joint pain and contribute to lower stress levels. Your hot tub, your choice. Make your inground hot tub custom to your needs, add lights, speakers or waterfalls. What could be more relaxing than basking in warm water, massaging jets, a light show at your feet, your favourite music playing and the beautiful stars above your head?


Prioritize Quality Time All Year Round

Inground Hot Tubs Toronto.

One of the greatest advantages of owning a hot tub in Canada is being able to use it all year round. Hot tubs provide a dedicated space for you and your partner to set time aside to just relax. Flexibility in location is one of the biggest reasons consumers are choosing inground hot tub over above ground hot tubs. No one wants to walk 50 feet in the snow to get into a hot tub. Getting use out of your hot tub in the winter is more feasible when it is only a few feet away from the door. Design and landscape your backyard to make sure that accessing your hot tub is quick and easy. Enjoy your soak, free of distractions. Finally, have the time for quality conversations with your partner, and together feel the burdens of life melt away.

A hot tub can become the destination where you can finally push pause on your crazy lives and hectic schedules. An inground hot tub creates a space for you and your loved ones to reconnect and rediscover things about one another.

“My husband and I have found it much easier to set time aside to be together after purchasing our inground hot tub 3 years ago”

Fun For The Whole Family

Hot tubs for sale in Toronto.

Hot tubs are also great backyard addition for families and those with young kids! Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs offers inground hot tubs in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size best suited for your needs. Hot tubs can be enjoyed by the whole family 365 days of the year. Most people assume hot tubs are best to be used during the winter months, but really you can enjoy your inground hot tub all year round. In the summer months, during the day, users can cool the temperature of the hot tub, allowing kids to use it more as a pool. Come evening time, a hot tub’s compact size makes it quick and easy to heat up without emptying your wallet.

Make family time fun for everyone with the addition of an inground hot tub.



Recent Inground Hot Tubs Projects


Design Your Dream Backyard Today

Make your soak, one of luxury. Let Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs design a backyard that helps accentuate your inground hot tubs’ accessibility and aesthetic value. An above-ground pool can really take away from the overall look of a backyard. Avoid an “eye-soar” by choosing an inground hot tub that can be incorporated effortlessly into your landscape design.

Popular landscape options include constructing a surrounding deck with a nearby seating area, allowing guests not in the hot tub to still be part of the conversation. Another great idea is constructing a gazebo or similar structure over your hot tub, offering additional privacy and protection from the elements.

Whatever your personal preference, you cannot go wrong with purchasing an inground hot tub. Inground hot tubs offer the same great health benefits that spas are so well known for but provide more opportunities for customization. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs offers custom installation options, allowing you to incorporate your inground hot tub with material that matches the design aesthetics of your home and backyard.

Purchasing an inground hot tub in-time for summer is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. Don’t wait, start enjoying the benefits of increased happiness and well-being that comes with regular hot tub usage.

CONTACT Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs today, and let’s start creating your dream backyard!



Benefits of Inground Hot Tubs

Inground Hot Tubs

Escape From The Mundane

hot tubs Toronto

Low Cost

outdoor hot tub landscaping design

Room For Landscape & Design

outdoor hot tubs Toronto

Year-Round Use

hot tub service

Low Maintenance

Inground Hot Tubs

Versatile Uses

What People Say

I have had my Beachcomber hot tub for around 6 or 7 years now and have not had many issues with it. This year when I had an issue that required some assistance Seaway came through with an excellent customer experience !! Initial contact they gave the best recommendation based on my described issue. Brian came out and was able to get the problem fixed fast, efficient and courteously !! The service was worth every penny and I highly recommend Seaway !!

Seaway store staff immediately became my trusted advisers on products, maintenance, balancing and trouble shooting, so I have to give them part of the credit for the liner’s longevity.

Had a great experience at Seaway Pools today! Have been in touch with Gary for awhile and finally got to go in today and check out some hot tubs. He was super fun, sooooo incredibly knowledgeable, kind and patient as he showed us all the models and answered all of our questions. He really created a full 'experience' and spent time getting to know us as people and what our specific needs were & lifestyle. Can't wait to pick a make & model and have it delivered in the near future to complete our backyard oasis dreams! Thank...

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