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Installing A Custom Inground Swimming Pool In Sutton

If you are currently shopping for inground pools in Sutton, you’ve probably noticed many pool companies offering their services.  Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is an established swimming pool company, in business for over three decades, and with an excellent business reputation.  We have built thousands of inground pools for many satisfied customers, and have won a number of industry awards for our swimming pools and our pool environments.  Our focus is always on customer priorities, and we are always striving to meet customer needs and requirements.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs appreciates the hugeness of a swimming pool project.  We know it’s a serious investment, and we understand that it’s a serious obligation.  We also know that contracting a swimming pool company can be a challenging experience.  That’s exactly why our approach to pool construction remains simple:  we provide quality products; we install professionally; and we deliver exceptional customer service.  And for 37 years, we’ve been committed to the same business approach – quality products, workmanship, and service.

If you’re thinking about an inground swimming pool in Sutton, think about Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs.  We create award-winning inground pools and environments, and we everything under one roof. We design and build brand new pools, we do renovations on existing pools, and we retrofit, depending on customer need. We also have many customers returning to us for additional work, once their original swimming pool has been finished. We may be installing concrete around the pool, we may be putting in some new lighting, or we may be replacing old parts.

Whatever the size of the project, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs typically starts the process with a design concept. Our designers are skilled and creative, and will create a realistic vision of the pool and environment in finished form.  We work responsively with our customers from end to end:  we make sure to identify pre-requisites, we formulate the physical requirements, and we highlight any special wish lists.  We also assess the overall budget, and do our very best to deliver optimum value for every dollar spent.  Our main aim is to deliver 100% satisfaction.

The team at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs wants to design and build the pool of your dreams.  We lead the way when it comes to inground pools in Sutton.  We belong to The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, and we support their standards of excellence and their code of ethics.  We also belong to the IPG Group, distributors of quality pool products that are well recognized throughout the industry.  Additionally, we provide our customers with confidence, including trusted product warrantees, and sound company guarantees on all installations performed.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs also belongs to the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network, a member-group of pool professionals who are committed to being the best.  Quite simply, we are committed to everything that we do – the products we sell, the installations we perform, and the service we deliver.  Our customers are on the receiving end of creative ideas, quality workmanship, and superb aftermarket service.  Most important, we don’t rely on those fine print conditions that are so common in the pool industry – we just want to ensure total customer satisfaction.

For inground swimming pools in Sutton, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs builds vinyl-lined pools that are built to last.  We guarantee the structural integrity of every pool; we construct with a two-stage concrete bottom; we make use of galvanized steel; and we custom fit every vinyl liner.  As well, we back-fill with gravel, so that optimum drainage is assured.  From the start of a project to the end, no step is overlooked, and that includes quality control.  In fact, our owner and President, Craig Walters, provides his personal “stamp of approval” when the pool is finished.

Throughout construction, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs operates according to best construction practices.  Our people don’t take unnecessary construction shortcuts; they always follow local by-laws, and they build everything with respect to the building code.  We only install quality parts, fittings and valves, and we always make sure that everything is operating at peak.  After construction is finished, we provide aftermarket service to handle a variety of issues and concerns regarding the new pool.  It’s another way to bring customer satisfaction to the fore.

Whatever the project, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs provides the same high level of customer service and support.  When the swimming pool is finished, we provide an orientation session to instruct everyone on basic operation procedures, pool maintenance, and safety protocol in and around the new pool.  We also attend to outstanding questions about pool features, new equipment, and special accessories.  For the team, it’s about delivering customer service from the moment we arrive, throughout the lifespan of the project, and much beyond.

As for pool maintenance, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs encourages new pool owners to get in the habit of proper pool care immediately.  For many customers, it’s convenient to handle pool care personally, while others prefer to hire our maintenance personnel for regular, ongoing service.  For day-to-day needs, all manner of supplies, parts, and equipment are available at our retail stores – one located in Markham, the other in Newmarket.  And our retail staff is always ready to assist and instruct on practically any pool issue that might arise.  Best of all, each store provides FREE lifetime water analysis, whenever needed and for whatever reason.

For over thirty years, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has established itself as a leader in the design and construction of quality inground pools.  We believe in quality products, installations, and service – and we make sure that our customers are in good hands from day one.   Regardless of size or scope, we are committed to every project in the same way.  Our main objective, of course, is to build the swimming pool of your dreams, and that’s all based on our approach to business:  installing the best quality products – providing highly professional workmanship – and delivering customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

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