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Hot Tub Chamois Towel


The Easiest, Safest & Fastest Way To Wipe Down Your Hot Tub!

The Chamois towel is an exclusive product from Beachcomber Hot Tubs. The next time you drain and fill your hot tub, use the hot tub chamois towel! It is non-abrasive, ultra-absorbent has uses super soft material that is excellent and trapping and lifting dirt and grime to bring back the brand new shine to your hot tub acrylic, super fast. Get lint-free, scratch-free and streak free results.

Best part the hot tub chamois towel can be easily washed and used 100 times without any wear and tear.


  • No more frustrating household sponges that break into pieces
  • Reusable and washable
  • Offers streak-free, scratch-free, lint-free and polished shine results
  • Excellent at trapping and lifting dirt and gram
  • Super absorbent- great for clearing out water from the footwell
  • Constructed from synthetic high-performance material
  • Eliminates watermarks


How to Properly Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

A Step by Step Process to Help You Get Ready For Spring

Step 1 : Remove Microfilter and use Filter Cure

  • Remove microfilter by twisting the trim ring counter clockwise to unlock it and guiding it along the floating weir assembly. Then lift basket out and remove microfilter. Clean basket of debris and rinse. Soak microfilter overnight in Beachcomber Filter Cure cleaner. Rinse with hose thoroughly to get rid of any residue.

Step 2: Use Micro Cleanse Pipe Cleanser

  • Add Beachcomber Micro Pipe Cleanser to hot tub and let is circulate overnight, before draining hot tub.
  • Micro Cleanse Pipe Cleaner is an all-new effective pipe cleaning formula made specifically for hot tubs. Product removes bather waste and biofilm from pipes amazingly, leaving you with a cleaner hot tub

Step 3: Drain Your Hot Tub

  • Turn off the G.F.C.I breaker or power disconnect button. Remove the safety cap from drain/fill valve.
  • Attach the female end of your hose and place other end below drain/fill valve level to ensure complete drainage.
  • Drainage time will vary from model to model.
  • Once completely drained disconnect garden hose and close valve.

Step 4: Use Beachcombers Tub Clean & Chamois Towel

  • Before refilling your hot tub use the hot tub chamois towel in conjunction with the Beachcomber Tub Clean. Wipe down all acrylic surfaces, then ensure drain valve is open and rinse well with fresh water.

Step 5: Refill Hot Tub with Pure Start & Eliminate

  • Close the floor drain. Fill till the foot-well then open the floor drain. This will rid hot tub of any contaminants that have been trapped in the low lying plumbing lines.
  • Close floor drain. Pour PureStart pre-filter to end of hose to remove any particles. Begin refilling hot tub, stoling when water is halfway up skimmer opening. Now turn on G.F.C.I break or power switch.
  • After hot tub is circulating with no bubbles in the lines add Beachcombers Eliminate to protect against the potential negative effects like staining of iron, magnesium and copper on hot tub surfaces or equipment

Step 6: Use Filter Savers

  • Beachcomber's Filter Saver can be used over of top of the (Lilly) Microfilter Basket and floating weir. Use it to trap debris before it goes thro the microfilter of heater.

Step 7: Use Cover All

  • Clean exterior cover surface with a mix of water and mild detergent and clean off dirt and grime with a soft cloth. Rinse and allow to dry.
  • Spray Cover All Product generously over enter outside cover surface until it is wet. Wait 30 seconds
  • Use a clean absorbent cloth to buff and dry an excess product.
  • Re-apply Cover All once a month for best protection

Step 8: Use Hydro Mop Anytime

  • Use hydro mop for maintenance. It improves water clarity be absorbing body oils from surface of the water.

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