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Hydro Mop


As one of the must-have swimming pool supplies for pool owners in Southern Ontario, the hydro mop revolutionizes swimming pool maintenance, non-intensive pool maintenance and watercare. As an addition to your swimming pool maintenance routine, the hydro mop offers passive cleaning that reduces the time spent cleaning your pool or rebalancing your water chemistry, so you can spend time enjoying your crystal clear swimming pool. 

Enhancing water clarity and swimming pool performance, the Beachcomber hydro mop absorbs oils and grease in your swimming pool or hot tub water as a result of cosmetics, lotions, organic debris, dirt, and grime. Left floating at the surface of your water, the hydro mop lasts up to three months, clearing water as you use your hot tub. As a result of regular use, the hydro mop protects hot tub filters and other hot tub supplies and accessories, extending their lifespan and protecting the functionality for maximum performance from one use to the next. This product's unsurpassed ability to absorb oils and contaminants improves filter performance and enhances water clarity.

Open the hydro mop and drop it into your hot tub water, while the new hydro mop will begin to absorb oils and grease from the surface. As the hydro mop absorbs more contaminants it will fill up sinking to the bottom of the hot tub when full. Once full, dispose of your hydro mop and do not squeeze. You can remove your hydro mop while your hot tub is in use, but for the best water clarity, remember to drop it back into your tub once you’re done.

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