Jerry from Markham

In August 1993 the previous owners of our house contracted with Gary Walters and his team at Seaway Pools in Markham to replace their existing pool liner with a 30 mil Kafko liner and coping. He kept the bill of sale and passed it on to me along with a referral to Seaway when we bought the home 2 years later in August 1995. Gary and the Seaway store staff immediately became my trusted advisers on products, maintenance, balancing and trouble shooting, so I have to give them part of the credit for the liner’s longevity. The relationship has continued over the years with Gary’s son Craig recently taking over the store after his father retired.

So here we are at an intersection point where the product and dealer owner cycles in the story come full circle as the same store, led by the original owner’s son, is finalizing an agreement to replace and install another Kafko 30 mil liner and coping where the original was installed by his father’s crew 22 years ago.

Don, I wanted to speak with you before finalizing the contract with Seaway because Craig is recommending Kafko as the best on the market. My family encouraged me to share my story with you in the hope that you can help us with out with replacing Kafko product with Kafko product as a show of appreciation for our loyalty. Any consideration would be sincerely appreciated. We’d love to get a full season in this year so it would be great to hear back from you in the next week or two if possible.

Sandra Petersen from Unionville

Last year we did a major backyard pool renovation project. Seaway Pools, in particular Craig, was great in helping us with the planning of the project. He provided good advice and patiently answered our questions. Seaway also came through for us when it came to the project implementation. The work was completed on time and on budget.

DK from Newmarket

I hired seaway to close my pool at the end of the season and was very happy with their work. They made sure that the pool was spotless added the appropriate chemicals and they were very efficient.