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Zodiac MX8 suction cleaner for inground pools


Ultra-Efficient Suction Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac MX8 boasts the widest cleaning path of any model. With the best-in-class cyclonic suction and flex-power turbine, this super-efficient suction pool cleaner is ready for any challenge!

The Zodiac MX8 robotic pool cleaner promises to clean quicker and more efficiently than any other suction pool cleaner. This most efficient low flow pool cleaner, requiring as little as 20GMP of flow. It’s the recommended choice for solar, 2-speed and variable speed pool pumps. 

The dual cyclonic suction provides best-in-class suction power, cleaning better and faster. The MX8 pool cleaner boasts a wider cleaning path as well as an adjustable inlet to allow for large debris consumption.

Now Included!

NEW! Controls Excess Flow
Zodiac MX Flow Regulator



    • Most Energy Efficient: exceptional vacuum power but requiring 30% less flow. The MX8 can efficiently run on as little as 20gpm of flow without sacrificing on suction power. 
    • maX-DRIVE Navigation: advanced dual navigation, meaning your pool cleaner can tackle any and every pool terrain. Incorporating X-TRAX technology the rugged track design to thoroughly clean floors, walls and waterline with zero issues.
    • Easy To Use: The quick connect twist locking hose means a quick and secure connection without loss of suction.

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