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Beachcomber Care Free Tote - Hot Tub Water Care


Beachcomber Care Free Tote is your complete water care program for weekly and daily treatment for your hot tub care. This tote includes balancing, sanitizing, and conditioning products to run your hot tub using the CARE FREE BOOST™ as the primary water sanitizer.

Care Free Tote includes the following products :

  • Resist 500 g
  • Protect 500 g
  • Care Free Boost 900 g 
  • Eliminate 500 ml
  • Care Free 900 g
  • pH Minus 800 g  
  • Soft 900 g
  • pH plus 600 g  
  • Hydro Mop
  • Measuring Cup
  • Filter Savers 
  • Test Strips
  • Judy Essence Fragrance Sample

Use this Beachcomber Care Free Tote to leave your hot tub water clean and sparkling.

Kit Includes:

  • Protect 500g: increases calcium harness to ensure it stays within the recommended range
  • Resist 500g: increases total alkalinity level to keep it in the correct range and prevent pH bounce
  • pH Minus 800g: decreases total alkalinity and pH to keep them in the proper range
  • pH Plus 600g: increases the pH level to the recommended range Soft 900g: pool water conditioner to improve water comfort and overall quality. It balances hot tub pH levels to prevent scale, staining and corrosion
  • Eliminate 500ml: corrosion & Stain preventer
  • Carefree Boost 900g: water chlorine sanitizer to kill pathogens, viruses, and bacteria
  • Carefree 900g: water conditioner helps keep the water balanced and remove organic material
  • Test Strips: 50 test strips to measure pH levels, Total hardness, Total Alkanility, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, and Total Bromine
  • Hydro mop: increase the clarity of hot tub water care by soaking up oils from the surface of the water
  • Measuring Cup: measurements lines in cups, millilitres and fluid ounces
  • Filter Savers: catch debris and remove it before it enters the microfilters.
  • Judy Essense Frangrance Sample: Enhance your hot tub experience with natural hot tub fragrances

Beachcomber Care Free Water Treatment Program

Based on a hot tub volume of 1000 L

Start-up Instructions:

  • Pour Beachcomber Eliminator
  • Test for pH, Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity
  • Use pH Plus or pH minus to balance pH levels.
  • Balance Alkalinity levels with Beachcomber Resist
  • Balance Calcium Hardness with Beachcomber Protect
  • Pour 20g of Carefree Boost into the centre of the running hot tub. Wait 15 minutes.
  • Pour 74 g of Carefree to the Skimmer, ensure the circulation system is running
  • Test your hot tub water again for pH, Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity.
  • Adjust if necessary

Daily Instructions:

  • Use test Strip
  • Test hot tub Sanitizer and pH levels
  • Adjust as needed
  • Keep proper chlorine residual levels by pouring 10g of Carefree Boost per 1000L of water daily, or when needed
  • Utilize Hydrop Mop If necessary

Weekly Instructions:

  • Using a hose, rinse filters until water runs clear.
  • Test pH level and make adjustments if needed
  • Add 20g of Carefree Boost at the centre of circulating water to superchlorinate
  • Wait 15 mins
  • Pout 74g of Carefree into hot tub skimmer
  • Before use, check that hot tub sanitizers levels read within 3-5ppm
  • Add 40g of Beachcomber Soft per 1000l of water weekly


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