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Care Free Tote

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Beachcomber Care Free Tote is a water care program for daily and weekly treatment for your hot tub water. It contains the conditioning, sanitizing and balancing products to operate your hot tub utilizing Care Free Boost as the primary sanitizer.

This kit includes the following products : Care Free 900 g, Care Free Boost 900 g, 
Eliminate 500 ml, pH Minus 800 g, pH plus 600 g, Protect 500 g, Resist 500 g, Soft 900 g, 
Hydro Mop, Test Strips, Filter Savers, Measuring Cup, and Judy Essence Fragrance Sample.

For our customers with sensitive skin, Beachcomber has developed 2 products working together: Care Free Boost & Care Free. With a low Chlorine level, Care Free Boost sanitizes your hot tub water and Care Free conditions it. By oxidizing away dead organics, Beachcomber Care Free formula leaves the water cleaner, maximizes your filter’s performance and maintains a more stable water balance, allowing Care Free Boost to do its job more effectively and helping you using less sanitizer. Quick and easy to use, Care Free gives an amazing water quality, making your hot tub water crystal clear, clean, and sparkling. 

This kit includes the following products :

  • Care Free 900 g : water conditioner to remove organic material and help maintain water balance
  • Care Free Boost 900 g : water sanitizer to kill bacteria, viruses, pathogens and prevent them
  • Eliminate 500 ml : stain & corrosion inbitor to prevent staining
  • pH Minus 800 g : pH decreaser to decrease the pH and total alkalinity level and keep them in the correct range
  • pH plus 600 g : pH increaser to increase the pH level to keep it in the correct range
  • Protect 500 g : calcium hardness increaser to ensure that the calcium hardness is in the correct range
  • Resist 500 g : total alkalinity increaser to raise the total alkalinity level to keep it in the proper range and prevent pH bounce
  • Soft 900 g : water conditioner to enhance water quality and comfort, stabilize changes in pH, prevent corrosion, scale and staining
  • Hydro Mop : enhance water clarity by absorbing oils from the water surface
  • Test Strips : bottle contains 50 test strips, you are able to test your Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and pH levels. 
  • Filter Savers : catch and trap debris for removal before entering the microfilter
  • Measuring Cup : provide convenient measurements in fluid ounces, milliliters and cups
  • Judy Essence Fragrance Sample : hot tub fragrance to enhance the hot tub soaking experience with natural fragrances

Care Free Program

Based on a hot tub volume of 1000 liters

Start-up procedure

  • Use Eliminate upon start-up 
  • Use test strip and test pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness
  • Balance pH with Ph Minus or Ph Plus, Total Alkalinity with Resist, and Calcium Hardness with Protect
  • Add 20 g of Care Free Boost to the center of the circulating hot tub - wait 15 minutes before proceeding
  • Add 74 g of Care Free to the skimmer with circulation system running
  • Test your hot tub water again for pH, Total Alkalinity, sanitizer and adjust parameters if necessary



Daily procedure

  • Test pH and sanitizer and ajust paramaters if required
  • Maintain proper chlorine residual by adding 10g of Care Free Boost per 1000 l of hot tub water, daily or as needed
  • Use Hydro Mop if necessary

Weekly procedure

  • Rinse filters with hose until milky water turns clear - Protect your filter with Beachcomber’s Filter Saver
  • Test pH and adjust as necessary
  • Superchlorinate by adding 20g of Care Free Boost to the center of your circulating hot tub - wait 15 minutes
  • Add 74 g of Care Free to skimmer
  • Before entering your hot tub, ensure sanitizer levels are between 3-5 ppm
  • Use Soft : add 40g of Soft per 1000 L of hot tub water weekly 

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