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Zodiac MX8 Elite Suction Swimming Pool Cleaner


The Zodiac MX8 Elite offers more scrubbing, more innovation, and more clean. In every use, the Zodiac MX8 Elite sets on a smart path across your pool, intelligently clinging onto the walls and floors of your swimming pool using cyclical scrubbing brushes to detach stuck-on dirt, debris, grime, and algae, vacuuming contaminants from the water for easy cleaning and crystal-clear water. As one of the most advanced swimming pool supplies available, the Zodiac MX8 makes pool maintenance a breeze. 

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 To enable the leading cleaning capabilities offered by the Zodiac MX8 Elite, cyclonic scrubbing brushes and suction power crawls the surface of the swimming pool targeting the water line, walls and floor of the pool with 360º programmable drive patterns of the maX Drive Navigation, enabling strategic swimming pool navigation to cover the most amount of surface, reaching corners and bends in the swimming pool. In addition to superior debris removal, the Dual-cyclonic suction maximizes climbing capabilities for longtime performance and exceptional scaling.


  • Cyclonic Scrubbing: First suction pool cleaner to incorporate continually cyclonic spinning scrub brushes. When brushes become worn out, replacement and installation of new suction brushes is easy and fast.
  • Wide Cleaning Path: With dual cyclonic scrubbing action, the MX8 Elite intuitively cleans a wide path of stuck-on dirt and debris. 
  • maX-DRIVE Navigation: Comes with advanced 360º programming patterns for smart navigation and cleaning patterns
  • Adjustable Debris Inlet: convert the size of your debris inlet to allow for larger debris consumption without sacrificing suction power. 
  • Twist Lock Hose: Comes with a 39’ hose with a twist lock to ensure a tight and secure connection and leak-free cleaning.

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