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Zodiac MX6 Vacuum Pool Suction Cleaner


This Zodiac MX6 suction cleaning robot saves on energy without sacrificing power and can be for above ground and inground pools. The Zodiac MX6 design incorporates cyclonic suction providing best-in-class suction power and some serious wall-climbing skills. 

The Zodiac MX6 automatic pool vacuum features an MX flow regulator that optimizes flow control, improving cleaning performance and increasing operational efficiency for increased longevity. The MX6 pool cleaner, with its low-flow energy-efficient design, is the top choice for variable-speed, 2-speed pump and solar pools. Its flex power turbine blades means this pool cleaner continues with ultra-efficient operation even on low-flow pumps. 

The Zodiac MX6 can be connected to any skimmer of 1.5” vacuum line. It features a twist locking mechanism, enabling quick, secure connection and reducing suction power loss.



  • Easy Grip Handle: Easy removal and transportation. 
  • X-Drive Navigation: Can intelligently plan and thoroughly clean floor, walls* and waterlines. 
  • X-Trax Technology: Wheels feature a rugged track design to give this pool cleaner some serious climbing and maneuvering skills  
  • 1 Year Warranty 

*Pool cleaner may have difficulty climbing at a 90º incline*



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