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Stain Prevent (1L)


IPG Stain Prevent Maintenance is a quality controlled formula containing a mix of water conditioners. IPG Stain prevent is a liquid concentrate containing chelation agent. 

Use IPG Stain Prevent to stop and prevent corrosion of pool equipment. This powerful pool condition destroys tartar build up often found on the inner pool surfaces, without affection the pool water pH levels. 

Use IPG Stain Prevent to rid your swimming pool water of iron, magnese and copper. IPG Stain Prevent is EcoLogo Certified, free of phosphate and designed using a biodegradeble formula. Which means it is safe to go swimming immediately after using IPG Stain Prevent.



  1. For first treatment: At the end of the day, add in 150ml of Stain Prevent per 10,000L of water. Ensure filtration system is left on. 
    • You are looking for a calsium hardness level of 200-300 ppm
  2. For weekly treatment: Pour 30ml of IPG Stain Prevent for every 10,000L of pool water.

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