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Spartan Hot Tub - 110V Plug & Play

$7845.00 $6,969.00

Indulge in the Spartan, plug and play hot tub, where style, functionality, and comfort are all packed into one. As one of the most desired hot tubs in Toronto and Southern Ontario, the Spartan is designed to maximize your hot tub experience, bringing tranquility and simplicity into your life and outdoor setup. Whether you’re enjoying it with your friends and family or by yourself, the Spartan hot tub is an exceptional choice by many. The Spartan is easy-to-install, 100% serviceable, offering you access to plumbing and equipment that can be upgraded for year-round use. It is accompanied by stainless steel jets, luxury lighting, and comfortable seating that varies in shapes and sizes - there is a hot tub customization that is just for you.

Comes With:

  • 101 Wet Start Orientation
  • Chemical Tote
  • Water Fall
  • LED Light

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