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Sparkle Drop (1L)

Sparkle Drop (1L)


Concentrated Clarifier for Swimming Pool Water

FLOCCULATING AGENT for cloudy Swimming Pool Water.

SPARKAL DROP is an inorganic polymer that readily forms soluble or insoluble complexes with anionic materials present in water.

This polymer facilitates the floculation of floating debris, dead algae and minerals that cause cloudy, brown or green water.

These debris are then easily vacuumed.

SPARKAL DROP does not affect pH, chlorine or any other type of sanitizer.


NOTE: It is not recommended to use SPARKLE DROP with a diatomaceous earth filter.

1. Shock the pool water while carefully following directions for use of the product used.

2. Stop the filtration system and put the filter in Recirculate (or Whirlpool) position then start the system.

3. If the water has a light cloudiness  add 80 mL of SPARKLE DROP per 10,000 L of pool water at the return outlet. If the water is extremely cloudy, add 160mL of SPARKLE DROP at the water return outlet.

4. Recirculate pool water for 6 hours in order to disperse the product. Swimming is possible during this period.

5. Resume filtration and let run for a minimum of 24 hours. 

6. There is a possibility, although unlikely, that the filtration may need to be stopped for 8 hours to allow product to decant. If so, after the waiting period remove residue by putting the filtration system at the Drain (or Waste) position, and vacuum. 

7. Don't forget to clean the filter before returning to regular operation by first performing a backwash.

8. For weekly Treatment, add 50 mL of SPARKLE DROP per 10,000 L of pool water.


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