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Spa Marvel Cleanser


The Spa Marvel Cleanser is patented hot tub plumbing cleaning that quickly gets to work going deep inside your hot tub's plumbing and internal equipment to remove organic, mineral, biofilm and chemical contaminants to extend the life of your spa equipment. With new hot tubs, the Spa Marvel Cleanser eliminates residue any residues that remain from any manufacturing processes such as oils, waxes and resins,

It is the must hot tub pipe cleaner. Use the Spa Marvel Cleanser before using the Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner.

WARNING: If Spa Marvel Cleanser is not used, the Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner has natural descalers that will remove the residue left from previous usage or manufacturing processes. This could cause issues with your water quality

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  1. Take out filters. (You hot tub will not be damaged by operating without the filters)
  2. Pour a full bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser into your spa water. (Note: Cleanser works better in warm water versus cold water)
  3. Run jets on high for a minimum of an hour and let water circulate for another 23 hours. Pumps must be on to circulate hot tub water. (If your hot tub doesn't run continuously, it is recommended to leave Spa Marvel Cleanser in for a longer period of time.)
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 before each drain and refill

WARNING: Do not use hot tub while cleansing process is happening.

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