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Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner


Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is a enzyme based, environmentally friendly spa water treatment product. It is used to decrease and remove the need for excessive chemicals that are often used in conventional hot tub water treatments.

The natural enzymes in the Spa Marvel come from plant extracts. The natural enzymes remove the food or organic waste that bacteria lives off of.

Spa Marvel is great for those who

  • Water Treatment Challenged - For those who struggle to follow the conventional hot tub water treatment process
  • Environment conscious - For people who want an alternative option to sitting in a hot tub with regular spa treatment chemicals
  • Infrequent Hot Tub Usage - Great for those unable to be present for the monthly, weekly and daily hot tub water maintenance

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  • Gentle on hair and skin
  • No rashes
  • No chemical hassles
  • No scum lines
  • Conditions and treats water for sensitive skin
  • Eliminates foam in a matter of hours
  • Prevents scale buildup and removes deep-seated buildup that can from regular use, particularly in "harsh-water areas". Leads to quieter pumps, stronger jets, efficient heaters and increase the longevity of your spa equipment
  • Helps control alkalinity and pH

Simply pour the full bottle into your spa water. With regular use, you can enjoy the natural cleaning benefits for up to 3 months. After 3 months, just add in another bottle of Spa Marvel.


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