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Soak Pods 30 pak


Shocking your spa is easier and quicker than ever with the shock oxidizer pods. The fast dissolving pods are pre-measured and are less messy and the speedier option compared to granular products. The Shock oxidizer pods are fast to oxidize organic pollutants such as perspiration, hair products, lotions, body oils and more while preserving the softness of your hot tub water.

The easy to use oxidizer pods contain a strong oxygen based oxidizer that works to rid your hot tub water of all odours, including the harsh chlorine smell.

This is a necessary water balancing chemical product for your hot tub. These quick dissolving pods have zero chlorine content or other sanitizers. Should be used as an oxidizing treatment only.

The Spa oxidizer shock pods are compatible with hot tubs using brominating or chlorinating products or lithium.

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