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Scum Boss Floating Absorber


Scum Boss Floating absorber comes with 1 single roll. Machine Washable. Can be reused for up to 1 year. Replace every year for optimal performance.

Constructed of microfibers to effectively soak up scum, oils and lotions from your spa water. Acting like a magnet, the microfiber roll design locks and traps scum effectively and quickly.

Scum boss floating absorber is unlike the balls and foam bugs that collect the scum and oils via tiny pockets and offers 2 clear advantages:

  1. Easier to clean. Effective removal of trapped scum
  2. Traps scum on every microfiber, therefore offering a vast dirt-collection surface

To Maintain:

  • Simply wash in washing machine when dirty

TIP: Use cartridge filter cleaner on your fitler and spa flush before changing your water.

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