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Beachcomber Extra Large Hot Tub Power Massage Jet


Embrace relaxation and comfort with the Beachcomber Power Massage Jet, available in Extra-Large and the colour Grey. Indulge in your spa and give yourself the time to loosen up your muscles and joints with powerful and effective jets. With the power massager jet you let go of the stressors of the day and prioritize self-care. So, when you’re ready to leave your hot tub, you can do so feeling lighter and more ready for whatever is next.

Take care of yourself using the high-quality Power Massage Jet in Extra-Large, made for Beachcomber hot tubs before 2001, available in grey and designed for compatibility with the Multisage system.

Simply turn on the jets and boost your intensity level for a deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling calm and soothed. For any additional information on your spa, reference your owner's manual or contact the Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs maintenance team.

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