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Pool Bean Bag - Hammock


Reimagine comfort with the Pool Bean Bag Hammock designed to enhance your in-pool floating experience and maximize relaxation. Effortlessly indulge in the summer's heat floating to simulate the hammock experience in your pool or lie comfortably in the water with your favourite drink in hand. Don't waste the summer hours inflating and deflating floats. The easy-to-store and fast-drying Pool Bean Bag Hammock is ready to use whenever you are and simple to pack away for your next spa day.

The Pool Bean Bag hammock is designed with dual bean bags on either side to create durability and support. The unique in-pool hammock can be easily moved in and out of the pool, and its flexible design and quick-drying technology enable easy and clean storage. The bean bag hammock is durable, supporting up to 280lbs and can be cleaned easily and quickly with a simple hose down.

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