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Polaris P825 Robotic Cleaner

Polaris P825 Robotic Cleaner


*Please note that robotic cleaners are not guaranteed to clean perfectly around obstacles such as stairs, main drains, and safety ledges. Cleaner may not climb a straight 90 degree slope.

The Polaris P825 Robotic Cleaner delivers optimal cleaning performance for all in-ground pools surfaces.

The Polaris P825 pool cleaner provides optimal cleaning performance in all inground pools. The Polaris P825 features patented Cyclonic Vacuum Technology ensuring no loss of suction for an amazing cleaning performance. 

The Polaris P825 premium robotic vacuum cleaner provides maximum energy efficiency, only costing pennies a day to operate. It comes equipped with dual cleaning modes, floors only and floors and walls. The Polaris P825 can quickly clean the floor of your pool in just 90 mins or the entire pool, floor and walls, in 2.5 hours. 

The transparent filter canister lid, means you know exactly when it is time to empty the canister. The patented Push N’ Go canister provides effortless debris removal. You never have to touch debris again! 

Combining innovative artificial intelligence, oversized intake area and a 4 setting surface control system, the Polaris P825 adjusts for efficient wall climbing and debris collection.



  • Comes standard with a premium caddy, easy to assemble, easy to transport and compact in size. No tools required for assembly. 
  • Surface Control System: 4 adjustable settings depending on the surface type to deliver optimal wall climbing. 
  • Cyclonic Vacuum Technology: Strong cyclonic vacuum captures large debris without compromising on suction power. 
  • Collects Large Debris: With an oversized intake area and 2 pleated brushes, the Polaris P825 delivers impressive cleaning performance in all in-ground pools. 
  • Comes with a 50’ cable and track drive technology

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