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Hayward Navigator V-Flex Suction Cleaner for Inground Pools



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The Hayward Navigator® V-Flex robotic suction pool cleaner features the exclusive V-Flex patented technology and also is equipped with new SmartDrive Patented technology. Now your suction pool cleaner can cover the entire pool, corner to corner delivering reliable and consistent results. This intelligent program identifies the most efficient and direct cleaning path and offers added maneuver assistance when needed. 

The pattened V-flex variable vanes technology means the Navigator can easily handle large debris and consistently deliver a clog-free cleaning. The wide inlet design and distinctive wing shape creates continuous strong suction even at low-flow rates. This feature makes the Hayward Navigator an excellent choice for pools with energy-saving variable-speed pumps. 

Set up is complete in under ten minutes. Simply connect your suction pool cleaner to your skimmer or suction port, no additional tools required! Powered by an existing filtration system means there is no debris bag to empty or clean and fewer moving parts. Ultimately this leads to easier maintenance and a quiet clean.


Expert Line & Program


  • SmartDrive Technology: incorporates pre-programed steering patterns, that expertly navigates the cleaner around the pool, careful to not tangle those hose, while still delivering an efficient full coverage clean. 
  • Strong Suction: with a wider vacuum inlet, exclusive wing design and patented skirt work together to deliver constant, strong suction power, picking up large and small debris quickly. 
  • V-Flex Technology: with automatically adjusting variable vanes, it means a virtually clog-free cleaning, every time. 
  • Easy to Use: Set up in less than 10 minutes to a skimmer or suction port. No additional tools required. Being powered by the existing filter system means no debris bags to clean or empty!

EXPERT LINE products are only available through your local pool professional.

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