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Hayward Wally the Whale Pool Vacuum Cleaner


Choose the smart alternative to manual above-ground pool cleaning and purchase the fully automated Wally the Whale Pool Cleaner for your above-ground pool today. Stop maintaining your pool and start enjoying it with the cute and powerful Wally the Whale Pool cleaner from the makers at Hayward. 

A part of the Aquabug line, Wally the whale is designed specifically for above ground pools. It is simple to use thanks to its no-tool installation directly to your existing filtration system. This automatic pool cleaner will clean quickly and completely thanks to its patented SmartDrive Programmable Steering Technology and will keep your pool cleaner thanks to improved water circulation provided during operation.



  • Complete clean. Powerful suction picks up everything from microscopic dust to large-sized debris. 
  • Simple, worry-free operation. With a direct hook-up to your filtration system, you won’t need to empty or clean debris bags or filters. 
  • Designed with superior quality products to deliver a thorough cleaning. 
  • 1-year factory warranty
  • Smaller than the other Aqua bugs, it's only 39 inches.

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