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Hayward Temperature Sensor Kit


The replacement Hayward GLXPC12KIT Thermistor thermometer sensor kit is compatible with Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorine Systems.
It comes with a hose clamp and 15 foot cable.

The replacement part can be installed in 5 minutes and used for air temp, solar roof temp, and water temp. Requires micro flat head screwdriver in order to connect part to Hayward Goldline main PCB. The water temperature sensor is fixed into the pamp and features a 5/16" gear clamp.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Temperature sensor for AquaRite Salt Generators Part GLXPC12KIT
  • Genuine Hayward Replacement Temperature Sensor

Compatible Models:

  • Hayward ProLogic
  • Hayward OmniLogic
  • Hayward OmniHub
  • Hayward OnCommand
  • Hayward AquaLogic
  • Hayward OmniPL
  • Hayward AquaSolar

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