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Hayward Scuba Dave automatic suction cleaner for aboveground pools


The perfect pool cleaner for your above ground or on ground swimming pool! The Hayward Suba Dave is exclusively provided from Hayward. It allows pool owners more free time to actually enjoy their above ground pool thanks to the intelligent Scuba Dave pool cleaner that uses patented SmartDrive programmed steering technology to deliver an automatic and thorough cleaning. 

The Hayward Scuba Dave is the worry-free pool cleaner you need! Scuba dave is more than just a pool vacuum. It also helps stimulate water circulation as it works, operating as a drain and sucking water from the bottom of the pool. Added water circulation helps to keep your pool cleaner and minimizes the need for chemical sanitizers.



  • Install in 10 minutes, everything you need is included. Simply hook up to the existing filtration system. 
  • Patented SmartDrive Technology: Cleans every inch, in the most efficient way
  • Improves water circulation as it works, sucking water from the bottom as it operates. 
  • Aerodynamic head contour specifically designed for easy movement, and bumper ring added to minimize friction along the walls. 
  • Includes a 32-foot hose and can clean a pool with a diameter of 24 feet.

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