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Hayward pHin - Smart Monitor


The Hayward pHin Smart Monitor revolutionizes swimming pool and maintenance, making water chemistry easier to manage than you can imagine. This intelligent technology eliminates the time-consuming, tedious nature of manual water testing. Using the pHin Smart Monitor, not only will you save time, but you will also effortlessly remain connected to your pool’s maintenance status and needs via a smartphone app. 

The innovative Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor analyzes pool and hot tub water temperature, pH balance, and sanitization repeatedly through the week, then sends that data to you and your pool maintenance company so they can be notified when your pool needs servicing. You can also enable smartphone notifications to be directly altered when your water needs your attention.

The Hayward pHin Smart Monitor can be used in salt water, chlorine, or bromine pools. The monitor connects wirelessly to your phone or another smart device so you can easily log in and view your pool and spa water insights or enable push notifications to alert you in real-time. 

The pHin remotely monitors water chemistry by recording: 

  • Water Temperature 
  • pH Balance 
  • Sanitization Levels 

The innovative pHin Smart Monitor will log updates up to 1000 times every week, send chemical dosage recommendations, and share data with your maintenance service provider so they can stay in sync with your pool’s needs using accurate and reliable updates.


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