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Hayward Penguin Suction Cleaner for Aboveground Pools


The best pool vacuum for your above ground pool. The Hayward Penguin was specifically designed to efficiently clean the floor of any size and shape above ground pool. This automatic pool cleaner can be installed in less than 10 minutes, just simply connect it to your existing filtration system. It also features the Hayward brand exclusive SmartDrive® Programmable steering, meaning every inch of your pool gets cleaned. 

The Penguin automatic pool cleaner is packed with power and cuteness. It comes with three interchangeable faces, choose from a pink, yellow or blue bow tie depending on your mood that day! The Hayward Penguin automatic pool cleaner wasn’t just designed for its looks, this unique head design provides the cleaner with the ability to complete the pool pattern in minimal time. 

*Disclaimer: This cleaner was not designed for above ground pools with any soft siding.



  • Easy Installation: Connect in under 10 mins, no tools required. 
  • Patented SmartDrive® Technology: this exclusive steering system ensures you get a complete clean.
  • Excellent water circulation by sucking in water as it moves.
  • Moves easily with minimal friction and maintains a programmed steering pattern thanks to the deluxe bumper ring.
  • Tight and quick turns using slotted sentropene bottom 
  • Includes: 32-foot hose
  • Clean Maximum size: 24-foot pool
  • 1-year warranty


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