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Hayward eVac Pro robotic pool cleaner with caddy

Hayward eVac Pro robotic pool cleaner with caddy


The Hayward RC9738WC eVac Pro is packed with plenty of bite. The eVac pro pool cleaner is built to deliver high-quality, fast and efficient total clean, covering the floor, walls and the pool line! 

The Hayward eVac Pro has a longer cleaning cycle, can cover more area of your pool and is equipped with a 60’ cord compared to the 50’cabled provided with the Hayward eVac RC9738CT

The Hayward eVac Pro incorporates innovative smart technology, steering your eVac along the most efficient cleaning path. It has never been easier to clean your pool with its stand-alone operation system; no hooks up required. Simply set and go!




    • Easy Set-Up: Runs independent of your pool filtration system, meaning there are no extra hoses or complicated hook-ups required. 
    • Easy To Use: Top-access to filters and the use of 2 filters means quick debris removal, simply remove the filter from the top and spray with a hose. 
    • Sensors: Exclusively associated with the Hayward RC9738WC eVac Pro are out-of-water sensors, preventing cleaners from going above the water line and potentially damaging the motor. The “Beach-Entry” sensor is alerted when climbing above the water line and instantly reverses the cleaner’s direction. 
    • Two-year warranty

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