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Filter Pure (1L) - Filter Cleaner


Protect and preserve your hot tub filters with hot tub water care supplies and the FILTER PURE™ solution designed to extend the lifespan and enhance the performance of the microfilters in your tub and spa. The alkaline filter cleansing solution, cuts grease and oils that build up within the filters from cosmetics and organic materials after repeat hot tub use.

  • Available size : 1 L
  • pH:13.5

Go beyond a simple filter rinse with Filter Pure, a heavy-duty degreasing solution, that allows for a comprehensive clean that removes oils and grease that buildup within your hot tub filters.

Beachcomber Filter Pure is an alkaline based filter cleaner for Grease & Oil designed for alternate cleaning of the microfilter, with an another filter cleaner, Filter Cure. Filter Pure breaks down and removes organic contaminants such as oils and other bather waste. Both of these microfilters cleaning products are designed to fit snugly in Beachcomber’s Filter Cleaning Canister

Remove hot tub filters, and soak in a plastic pail or container with 250ml of Filter Pure and 20L of clean water overnight for 8 hours. While your filters are soaking in the degreasing solution, consider installing a backup hot tub filter, to run your hot tub while soaking your filters in Filter Pure. After 8-12 hours of soaking in the Filter Pure solution, remove filters and rinse with water until completely clear. To maximize the sanitation and functionality of your hot tub filters, also use Filter Cure, but alternate monthly use, never use, both Filter Cure & Filter Pure at the same time.

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