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Filter Cure (1L) - Filter Cleaner


Your filters are one of the most essential hot tub features, key to the cleanliness of your water, and the long term functionality of your hot tub. For optimal hot tub performance, easy hot tub maintenance, and a sanitary hot tub experience, FILTER CURE™ from Beachcomber is an essential hot tub supply. The acidic cleanser streamlines filter cleaning and hot tub maintenance by eliminating mineral and calcium buildups.

Available size : 1 L

pH : 0.5

With a pH of 0.5, Filter Cure is an acidic-based cleaner designed to effectively eliminate calcium and mineral microfilter buildup. The filter cleanser is formulated with phosphoric acid, to enhance the filtration process by erasing blockages and enabling a more effective filtration system for your hot tub.

Filter Cure is designed to alternate with the use of Filter Pure, an alkaline based filter cleaner for grease & oil. Both of these microfilters cleaning products are designed to fit snugly in Beachcomber’s Filter Cleaning Canister

Every other month, remove microfilters and soak them in the Filter Cure solution for 24 hours allowing for calcium and mineral buildup to disintegrate. In a plastic container mix 250ml of Filter Cure with 5L of lukewarm water. Before installing hot tub filters, rinse thoroughly in clean water after removing from the Filter Cure solution. For maximum improvement of water clarity and filter performance alternate use with Filter Pure. Do not use Filter Cure and Filter Pure at the same time, instead alternate months for ideal results.

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