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Beachcomber Eliminate (500 ml)


Beachcomber ELIMINATE™ is a water conditioning corrosion & stain inhibitor. The concentrated liquid is formulated to prevent corrosion on hot tub equipment, fixtures and surfaces.

Pour the entire 500ml bottle at each hot tub start up.

Beachcomber Eliminate works to disintegrate minerals and metals, preventing them from sticking to surfaces like filters, heating elements, jets and other hot tub components. It forms a protective coating around traces of minerals and metals like magnesium, zinc, iron or copper floating in solution, making them harmless to your equipment and hot tub.

Beachcomber Eliminate should be used as a proactive measure to keep your water conditioned and clear all the way till drain time.


  • Ensure your calcium levels stay in range to keep your hot tub water balanced and reduce the chances of damaging your equipment inside the spa or hot tub. We recommend Beachcomber Protect to increase the calcium level so it measure between the optimal range of 150-200 ppm
  • Eliminate is compatible with all sanitizer systems including bromine and chlorine. Use Beachcomber Eliminate at startup, and the more concentrated stain and scale inhibitor weekly when circulation system is in operation.
  • Allow 6-8 hours between adding Beachcomber Eliminate and Beachcomber Eliminate Plus. When added to your hot tub in close time proximity the hot tub water can turn cloudy.


  • To maximize the effectiveness of Beachcomber Eliminate, dilute the required dose in a bucket of water and then add directly to hot tub water.
  • Add Eliminate at start up fresh water fill to prevent corrosion and rust or after you have drained are refilling your hot tub.
  • Pour, into the centre of your circulating hot tub, the entire 500ml bottle when doing your initial fill up

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