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Protect - Calcium Hardness Increaser


Care for and preserve your hot tub equipment and parts with the Beachcomber PROTECT™ solution. Easily increase calcium in your hot tub water  and maintain the ideal calcium hardness of 150-200 ppm.

  • Bottle: 500g
  • pH: 9.5

Corrosion and etching can cause your hot tub parts and equipment to deteriorate, clog, and offer less than optimal performance. By maintaining your water chemistry and chemical hardness with the Protect solution that ensures that your hot tub’s calcium level is within the correct range to prevent the degradation of metal equipment and parts.

Calcium Hardness is a measure of the amount of Calcium present in the hot tub water. 

  • Use Water Test Strips to Assess the Chemical Reading for Your Pool, If water hardness is less than 150-200ppm, add Protect solution. 
  • 15g of Protect per 1000L of water will raise calcium hardness by 10ppm
  • Keep the circulation system of your hot tub running, and mix together 4.5L of water with Protect and pour around the perimeter of the hot tub.

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