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Beachcomber Care Free Pack



Use the Beachcomber Carefree Pack to improve the water comfort and quality in your hot tub.

The kit comes with:

  • 1 Soft 900g: A Granular product used to improve water comfort and quality
  • 1CARE FREE™ 900g: Water conditioner to maintain water chemical balance
  • 1 CARE FREE BOOST™ 900g: Chlorine-based sanitizer to help destroy bacteria and viruses




Beachcomber CARE FREE BOOST™ & CARE FREE™ were developed together for customers with sensitive skin. Both with a low chlorine level, The CARE FREE BOOST™ is used to chlorine sanitize your pool and the CARE FREE™ works to condition your pool water. Beachcomber CARE FREE™ formula oxidizes away dead organics, maximizing your filters performance, leaving your pool water cleaner and more balanced, which allows the Beachcomber Boost to perform its job properly.

Kit Includes:

  • Soft 900g: This water conditioner is a granular product that improves the comfort and quality of your hot tub water. It can change pH levels and it prevents staining, scale and corrosion by keeping your hot tub water balanced, simultaneously protecting hot tub fixtures and equipment.
  • CARE FREE™ 900g: This water conditioner is only available through Beachcomber. With a mix of oxidizing compounds and a pH level of 2., it destroys organic material in your hot tub. CARE FREE™ works to keep your water balance stable. It is close to odourless, and is easy and quick to use, leaving your hot tub water sparkly clean
  • CARE FREE BOOST™ 900g: This chlorine-based sanitizer has a relatively neutral pH level of 6.7 and disinfects hot tub water by killing viruses, pathogens and bacteria. If prevents future growth of harmful organisms in the water. This chlorine-based disinfectant was made to be used in conjunction with CARE FREE™, a water conditioner. Both work to sanitize and condition your water for better bathing comfort.



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