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Beachcomber Care Free Boost (900g)


The Beachcomber CARE FREE BOOST™ is one of the best chlorine based sanitizers on the market. It works to prevent the and control the growth of algae and bacteria in your hot tub and spa water.

When used in conjunction with Beachcomber CARE FREE™, the water care system is the industry's gold standard.

Available sizes: 900g & 2kg


Beachcomber CARE FREE BOOST™ has a neutral pH level and is a granular chlorine based disinfectant that works to kill and control the growth of pathogens, viruses and bacteria in present in your hot tub water. With a pH value of 6.7, it is fairly neutral and has an available chlorine ratio of 62%.

This product works best when paired with Beachcomber CARE FREE™. Combined they are effective and sanitizing and conditioning your hot tub water.



Fresh Water Fill:

  • Pour 20g of Beachcomber Care Free Boost for every 1000L of water
  • Wait for the water to circulate for 15 minutes before entering.


  • Use weekly or after each use.
  • Pour 10g of Beachcomber Care Free Boost for every 1000 L of hot tub water

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