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Beachcomber Slide 'n Store Extreme Hot Tub Cover


Beachcombers' Slide n' Store Extreme hot tub cover incorporates a unique steel plate at the base which holds the hot tub cover in places. The Slide n' Store Extreme hot tub cover requires no drilling or any complicated steps. The base of the slide n' store extreme slides underneath the perma-seal base of your hot tub. The ingenious design uses the hot tub's weight when lifting the hot tub cover. Featuring new and improved hydraulic pistons that are built-in for simple cover lifting both on and off.


  • No Tools Required
  • 1 Year Warrant
  • Slips under any Beachcomber hot tub during installation.
  • The Slide N'' Store Extreme hot tub cover forks ensures your cover never touches the ground.
  • For proper installation and operation, 102 cm / 40 inches of open space is needed.


3 step process comprising of:

  1. Folding hot tub cover
  2. Sliding hot tub cover into the forks
  3. Vertically lifting hot tub cover to complete the removal

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