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AquaChek Silver 7 Way Test Strips


You don’t need a professional to check your water! With AquaCheck Silver 7-Way Test strips, pool and hot tub water testing is faster, simpler, and more manageable, so you can maximize the time you’re spending in your pool! Two tests a week is all it takes to keep your pool or spa up to standard with AquaCheck Silver7-Way Test Strips.

Just dip your test strip, then compare to the easy-to-read colour-coded diagram located right on the label. The easy readability will allow you to adjust your chemicals quickly so you can back to jumping in and enjoying your pool.


The AquaCheck 7-Way Test Strips tests water for 7 essential qualities and chemical levels: 

  • Total Hardness 
  • Total Chlorine 
  • Free Chlorine 
  • Total Bromine 
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • pH Levels 
  • Total Alkalinity

Step 1: Insert 1 strip into water, removing after 1 second.

Step 2: Keep the strip level for 15 seconds (do not shake excess water from strip).

Step 3: Compare your parameters to the colour chart on label. 

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