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AquaChek Select Test Strips


Simplify water testing your pool and spa with Aquachek test strips that test essential parameters to ensure your swimming pool is safe and balanced at all times. These test strips are hassle-free and can be used just 2 times per week to maximize your swimming pool and spa health. You can get results in seconds, just dip your strip and compare it to the colour-coded chart for easy-to-read results. With the AquaChek test strips, you’ll be back to swimming in no time!

50 AquaChek test strips are included in each bottle. 

In less than 1 minute, each test strip provides readings on the following essential parameters: 

  • Total Hardness 
  • Total Chlorine 
  • Free Chlorine 
  • Total Bromine 
  • Cyanuric Acid 
  • pH Levels 
  • Total Alkalinity

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