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Shopping For A Swimming Pool In Lawrence Park

If you’re currently shopping around for a swimming pool, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is worth considering. As established pool builders in Lawrence Park, we’ve been in business for 37 years, having installed thousands of swimming pools throughout the GTA. In fact, we’ve won numerous awards for our work, and have become known for our great backyard makeovers. We don’t take your pool project lightly – we understand it’s a big deal, and we fully appreciate the serious investment and commitment you’re making. That’s exactly why our objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. As you shop around for pool builders in Lawrence Park, you’ll notice that Seaway Pools stands out. In short, you can count on us from the very first day on the job.

Amongst the many pool builders in Lawrence Park, Seaway stands out

With swimming pool construction, choosing a reputable contractor is essential for a successful project. For Seaway, it’s about a commitment to high standards - from quality products, to expert installations, to superior service. Whatever the size of the project, you can be sure of quality with Seaway. Our ultimate objective is to make your swimming pool dream come true. We work very closely with our customers from the early design stages to the final construction stage. And we make sure to deal with all of the ups and downs of a mammoth project like a swimming pool.

Every pool project starts off with some great design concepts and ideas

Amongst the pool builders in Lawrence Park, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs does it all - from the initial concept design, to the pool construction, to the finished landscape. Our in-house design team starts you off with a true-life concept of how the finished pool will look. We make every effort to incorporate your physical prerequisites, your personal desires, and your project budget. With a master plan, adjustments and fine-tuning can still be made as the project progresses. The fun part is choosing all the special features:  waterfalls, lighting, sound system, and stonework.

For Seaway Pools, it’s about quality products and quality workmanship

Seaway Pools is one of the better-known pool builders in Lawrence Park. We are members of the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network as well as the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada. Simply put, we are pool professionals committed to being the best in the industry. Amongst the many products that we sell and install, suppliers like the IPG Group and Kafko™ are at the forefront. We also rely on a host of other suppliers and manufacturers who reinforce our commitment to quality. When you deal with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, you’re assured of a quality approach from start to finish.

Seaway Pools can build you a fabulous vinyl lined, inground pool

If you’re opting for a vinyl lined, inground swimming pool, Seaway can build you the ultimate in quality construction. We guarantee the structural integrity of our inground swimming pools with a two-stage concrete bottom, galvanized steel reinforcement, and a vinyl liner that’s fully customized. We also back-fill with gravel so that water drainage is maximized. As for quality control, customers are always impressed, as our company president oversees their project. It’s another aspect of our commitment to quality and our effort to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Shopping for an aboveground pool? Seaway can build that as well

If you’re project budget is somewhat limited, Seaway can recommend some aboveground pool options. This approach can be quite cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy an excellent swimming pool environment, while staying on budget. Our aboveground pools (vinyl lined) are made in Canada and are especially designed to endure our temperature extremes. We equip these pools with high quality fittings and valves, thus ensuring performance longevity. For those who would prefer a DIY approach and installation, we carry some of the best DIY pool kits on the market.

With Seaway, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free, customer-focused approach

We offer a streamlined pool building process to provide you with a great experience working with pool construction and pool contractors in Lawrence Park. We are very customer-focused, and our team of pool experts will work with you from the initial design to the final construction. And while there are always ups and downs with a major pool project, we try to deliver a hassle-free experience where possible. We also provide comprehensive aftermarket service, which is designed to accommodate your needs long after construction has been completed. It’s another way of reinforcing our commitment to satisfaction.

Construction best practices ensure the best quality swimming pool

Seaway Pools does it right - we follow the building code, we abide by municipal by-laws, and we don’t take construction shortcuts. Whatever pool you eventually decide on, we’ll help you with a startup protocol and a complete operations briefing. We also educate our new pool owners about pool operation, maintenance, and safety. When everything is up and running the technical team at Seaway can provide all the parts, accessories, and equipment required during the swim season. Our two retail outlets (one in Markham and one in Newmarket) have everything you’ll ever need.

Your swimming pool oasis is only steps away with Seaway Pools

If you’re looking for swimming pool builders in Lawrence Park, have a look at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs. We’ll show you how a quality approach can make all the difference. To find out more call us at 905-294-8030 or visit our website at . For a FREE project estimate fill out our convenient on-line request form - we’ll get back to you to arrange for an onsite visit.

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